Nazi Party in the Interwar years

By atang
  • Leader as chancellor

    The Nazi perusaded President Hindenberg to apoint them as leader of chancellor and it worked,
  • Hitler becoming leader

    When Von Hindenburg passed away, Hitler became Germany’s dictator.
  • Snap election/ Reichstag

    They had miscalculated, Hilter was quicky outmanoeuvred the moderates and called a snap election. A month before the election, the Reichstag building was destroyed, Hitler blamed the communists. After the fire the Nazi's had captured the largest number of seats.
  • Enabling Act

    Adolf Hitler passed this act that gave him absoulte dictatorial powers in Germany for 4 years. After that Hitler immediately moved to smash all opposition and outlaw other political parties.
  • Law against the New Establishment

    Whoever undertakes to maintain the organizational structure of another political party or to form a new political party will be punished with penal servitude up to 3 years or with imprisonment of from 6 months to 3 years.
  • Law of safeguard

    After the victory of the National Socialist revoultion, the National Socialist workers' party is the bearer of the German state-idea and indissolubly joined to the state.