• Birth status

    Birth status
    Born in denver around 3 p.m. Parents Mike & Terry Burden
  • Family

    I was Born into a Wonderful family that will always love me though thick and thin no matter what. I will carry that to the family i will one dya start.
  • Social Interaction

    Social Interaction
    Start Pre-school!!!! start to learn things out side of my family's social interaction.
  • Peer Group

    Peer Group
    the start of kindergarden and the start of making friend's your age out side of family friends.
  • Person Crime

    Person Crime
    In kindergarden Mith Verley Called mr mr smarty pants so i told him not to call me that again and when he did it again in the coat room i punched him in the face and we started fighting. Ha. Mitch and I got in like 10 fights that year. Ha. =)
  • Sucide

    The first time sucide has affected me and my family. I didn't quiet know what sucide was till then.
  • Embarassment

    I farted in class for the first time. Ha. it was one of the most embarassment moments in life but funny now that I look back on it.
  • Status Conflict

    Status Conflict
    My older brother and i would fight and my brother would show his power my kicking my butt. Ha.
  • Labeling Theory

    Labeling Theory
    My friends brother was outside hanging out with friends and went to go take a piss and got caught. He now has to be labeled as a sex affender to society just for taking a pee. Ha
  • Religion

    Started going to church with my sister. I got babtised 2 months later at columbine church of christ
  • White Collar Crime

    White Collar Crime
    Big Stewart Goes to jail for insider trading (stock Market)
  • Primary Devience

    Primary Devience
    I ditched school for the first time. I felt like such a rebel. Ha.
  • Personality

    Start HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! I started to become more of a independent person.
  • Superego

    My Morals are i would not do any hard core durgs like cocaine or meth/herion. Hard core drugs are the stupidest thing you can do to your bodyand mind.
  • Work

    At age 14 i started working with my dad. Then i turned 15 and got my first liget job at fat city. then at age 17 i got a new job at Red Robin on May 7 2009.
  • Crime

    First actual ticket. "Curfew" i was on my way home from work and got pulled over after 11 o'clock on a thursday and the cop still gave me a ticket.
  • Juvenile Delinquency

    Juvenile Delinquency
    I got a tresspassing ticket pressed againgst me by my old GM at fat city/mr biggs. i didn't do anything and he pressed that againsts me.
  • Deviance

    took a blow-up doll to McDonalds and sat down and enjoyed a nice comferting lunch with my date!!!
  • norms

    Idk. I would say the norms of my life are that i'm a pretty respectful guy and i really like to be goofy and have a good time/attitude where ever i go.
  • Social Ranking

    Social Ranking
    My 18th birthday. My ranking in society goes up and i am now treated as an adult. Life really changes