Civil Rights Movement


    Founded by a group of multi-racial activists
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    Segregation in schools declared unconstitutional
  • Emmett Till

    14-year-old Chicagoan kidnapped and brutally killed
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white passenger
  • SCLC

    Martin Luther King Jr. established the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  • Robert F. Williams

    He successfully led an armed self-defense of the home of V.P. of NAACP
  • Little Rock

    Nine black students were admitted to Central High School
  • Sit-ins

    Non-violent demonstrations trigger other non-violent acts
  • Executive Order 10925

    Prohibiting the discrimination in the federal government
  • SNCC

    Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee founded at Shaw University
  • James Meredith

    First black student admitted to University of Mississippi; caused President Kennedy to send 5,000 federal troops in
  • Medgar Evers

    Killed by Byron De La Beckwith, convicted 30 years later
  • March on Washington

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech
  • Church Bombing

    Four girls attending Sunday School killed by bomb
  • Poll Tax

    24th amendment abolished poll tax
  • Freedom Summer

    Voter Registration Program
  • COFO - Freedom Summer

    Freedom Rides, 1,000 volunteers black and white participate
  • Civil Rights Act

    President Johnson signed Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • More Death

    Bodies of three civil rights workers (two white, one black) found
  • Assassination

    Malcolm X assassinated at Audubon Ballroom
  • Selma to Montgomery Marches

    Political and emotional peak of Civil Rights Movement
  • Bloody Sunday

    State Troopers and Dallas County Sheriff's Department attacked peaceful marchers with billy clubs, tear gas, and bull whips driving them back to Selma
  • Ceremonial Action

    Dr. Martin flew to Selma
  • Act of 1965

    Voting Rights of 1965 passed by Congress
  • Voting Requirements

    Requirements restraining black voting made illegal
  • Executive Order 11246

    Equality of employment
  • Loving v. Virgina

    Prohibiting interracial marriage declared unconstitutional
  • Thurgood Marshall

    First African American Supreme Court Justice
  • Crippling Assassination

    Dr. King assassinated by James Earl Ray
  • Act of 1968

    President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968