Jess and Desiree`

  • Balfour Declaration

    Balfour Declaration
    The British Government issued Balfaur Declaration on November 2nd in a form of a letter. His Majestys Government favour established in Palestine of national home for jewish people.
  • Massacre of Baldat al-Shaikh

    Massacre of Baldat al-Shaikh
    An arguement broke out between Palestinian and Jewish worker in Haifa Petroleum Refinery. Many people were wouned, 60 jews were killed. A mixed force composed of first Battalion of Palmakh and carmelle brigade 150-200 terrosits launched raid against two towns.
  • Suez War

    Suez War
    There were attempts to converst Israeli to Arab Armistice agreements into peace treaties that failed
  • PLO Established

    PLO Established
    The Palestine Liberation organization was founded in Cairo with Ahmad Shugeiri as its leader. Even though Ahmad Shugeiri is the official war leader, the organization more or less are controlled by Egyptian government.
  • PLO Representative the Palestinian People

    PLO Representative the Palestinian People
    Arab Summit who was in Rabat, recognized the Plo as a sole legitmate representative of Palestinian people.
  • Russian Jews

    Russian Jews
    The Empire had been oppressed for centuries and discriminations did not end.
  • Israel attack PLO HQ in Beirut

    Israel attack PLO HQ in Beirut
    Sadat was killed by an Islamic fundamestalist gun men in Cairo. This event happened at 1 pm during a military parade.
  • OSLO 1

    OSLO 1
    At washington D.C representatives of Isreal and Palestine liberation arganization (PLO) signed the agrement to end 45 years of confrontaion between Isrealis and Palestinians.
  • Yitzak Rabin

    Yitzak Rabin
    The Isreali Prime Minister was shot three times, while leaving a peace rally at 9:30 pm. He was pronounced dead at 11:10 that night. Isreali Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres took over.
  • Wye River Memorandum

    Wye River Memorandum
    The Wye River Memorandum was made in September 28, 1995 but it wasn't signed by Isreal and Palestine until October 23, 1998.
  • Camp David 2000 Summit

    Camp David 2000 Summit
    This event took place between Bill Clinton, Ireali Prime Minister, and the Palestinian Authority Chairman. It was an unsuccessful attempt to negotiate a "Final Status Settlement" to Isreali-Palestinian conflict.
  • Saudi Peace Initiative

    Saudi Peace Initiative
    Arab states would consider the arab-isreali conflict over, they sugned comprehensive peace treaties with Isreal. Proposal was recieved with skepticism by isreal and had little practical effect.
  • Sharm el-Shaik summit

    Sharm el-Shaik summit
    Palistinian President Mahmuod Abbas proclaimed o formal end to the fighting with Isreal after more than 4 years of bloodshed.
  • Lebanon Fight

    Lebanon Fight
    Most servere internal fighting since Lebanon's Civil War. There were many refugee camps in Southern Lebanon and several terrorist bombings that took place in and around Lebanon's Capitol.
  • Gaza

    By seizing the fuel, food, and medical supplies that Isreali's transferred to the Gaza strip and using the supplies itself, the Hamas terror organization is basically holding the civilian population of Gaza hostage.