Spoo & Shannon

  • Balfour Declaration

    Balfour Declaration
    The British gov. issued the Balfour Declaration on Nov,2 1917. This was a form sent to a British Zionest leader
  • WW2

    The British gov. restricted the Jewish immagrants to prevent up risings from the Palestinian population
  • The Massare of Baldat al- Shaika

    The Massare of Baldat al- Shaika
    was an argument that broke out beween
    Palestinian workers and Jewish workers in the Haifa Petrolem Refinery Ja 30,1947
  • Isreal Founded, 1st Arab- Isreali War, and Palestinian Refugees

    Isreal Founded, 1st Arab- Isreali War, and Palestinian Refugees
    Israel Founded: The declaration of indepedence of the state of Israel was publicly read in tel Aviv on May 14, 1948. The New State and its government were reconized
    1st Arab - Isreali War:April6, 1948- Operation Nachshon- ( Haganah decided to launch a military offence to break the seige of Jerusalem
    April 9, 1948-Thought out seige on Jeruslem
    May 15,- Arab -Israel War lasted 13 months
  • 1948 continued

    1948 continued
    June-Violent confrontation between Isreal Defence Forces and paramilitary Jewish group Irgun Known as The Altalena Affair
  • Masscre of Kufr Qasim

    Masscre of Kufr Qasim
    At 4:30 PM A guard informed the Mayor that a curfew was going to be in affect for the Village
    and the villiagers that did not Know anything about it tryed to come back but as soon as they aprouched the Villiage they were shot (49 Victims were Killed)
  • Plo established

    Plo established
    Palestine iberation organization is founded in cairo (controlled by the the Egytian Gov.)
  • Plo represenative

    Plo represenative
    Arab recoginized the Plo as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian People
  • Russian Jews

    Russian Jews
    More than 51,000 exit visas were issused.
  • Assassination of president

    Assassination of president
    President Mohammad Anwar el Sadat of egypt has been assassinated
  • Intifada

    Attacks begining to occur on the Israeli defence forces
  • OSLO 1

    OSLO 1
    Israel agrees to allow palestinians to their own self rule.
  • Yitzak Rabin

    Yitzak Rabin
    The Israeli prime minister has been assassinated in Tel Aviv by a right wing extremist.
  • Palestinians Authority

    Palestinians Authority
    Palestine Authority completed with a signiture by Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime minister
  • Peace?

    Middle East peace summit at camp David
  • troops

    Israeli occupation troops dynamitly destroy an ancient christian orthodox church
  • invatation

    Mahmoud Abbas accepts invitation to a summit with Israeli prime minister
  • Air Strikes

    Air Strikes
    Israelian air strikes destroy the office of the palestinian forein minister
  • Fights

    fights broke out and the fourth cebanese army attacked.
  • The Gaza Strip

    The Gaza Strip
    Israel transfers to the gaza strip, there they take hostage of the people there.