Kaila and Katie

  • Balfour Declaration

    Balfour Declaration
    British government issued Balfour Declaration on November 2 1917 in the letter to a British zionist leader. Arthur J. Balfour
  • Jews Immigration

    Jews Immigration
    The white paper of 1939, a policy by which paper issued by the British government under Neville Chamberlain in which the idea of partitioning the Mandate for Palestine was abandoned in favor of an independent Palestine governed jointly by Arabs and Jews.
    1945- WW2 was ended/zionists redoubled their demands that Britan open it's Palestine to unlimited Jews immigration. Jewish terrorist groups the Irgunzvei Lumi and the stern gang escalade to force Britains hand.
  • Partition plan was put into effect

    Partition plan was put into effect
    January 30-31, 1947 a mixed force composed of the first Battalion of Palmakh and the Carmelie brigade launched a raid against the two towns under leadership of Itayim Afinuam. Many innocent civilians were killed by the terrorist attacks.
  • Israel founded

    Israel founded
    1st Arab-Israeli War: unorganized ambushes since Dec. 1947. By late March 1948 the vital road was cut off and under seige.
    Palestinian Refugees:
    1. British mandate
    2.The partition plan
    3. The economical situation
    4. The zionist
    5. Israeli Army Palestians forced to move to the Gaze strip
  • The massacre of Kufr Qasim

    The massacre of Kufr Qasim
    The massacre of Kufr Qasim
    *suez war
  • PLO

    February 3, 1964 the Palestine Liberation Organization is founded (PLO) in cairo with Ahmad Shuqeiri as it's leader. Even though Ahmad shuqein is the official leader, the Organization is more or less controlled by the Egyptian government.
  • Arafat Address U.N

    Arafat Address U.N
    PLO reprsentative the Palestinian people, Arafat Address U.N
  • Emigrate to Israel

    Emigrate to Israel
    Russian Jews 51,000 exit visas were issued. They emigrated to Israel
  • Sad at assassinated

    Sad at assassinated
    On October 6th President Mohammed Anwar el Sadat of Egypt. Israel bombs PLO headquaters, which had been located in a civilian area of Beirut and caused more than 300 civilains deaths. This led the U.S to broker a shaky cease fire between Israel and the PLO .
  • Intifada Started

    Intifada Started
    Uprising begins in Jabalya where hundreds burned tires and attacked the Israel Defense forces stationed there. This started the Intifada.
  • Peace Agreement

    Peace Agreement
    (OSLO 1) Deported Palestinians and Prime Minister Rabin and PLO Chairman Masser Arafat flew to Washington D.C. and agreed to the signing of an historic peace agreement.
  • Yitzak Rabin

    Yitzak Rabin
    Recieved the nobel committee in Oslo, Norway, and announced that the peace prize was being awarded to Israel's foreign Minister Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin. The first Palestinian election was held.
  • Wye River Memorandum

    Wye River Memorandum
    The Wye River Mamorandum was a political agreement negotiated to implement the earlier Interim Agreement of September 28th, 1995. It was completed on Oct. 23rd, 1998.
  • Peace Talks

    Peace Talks
    Peace talks and Camp David talks are given and Clinton is trying to help with a peace treaty for the people. Al-Aqsa Intifada fire.
  • Beirut Summit

    Beirut Summit
    Arab Peace talks at Beirut Summit. But still lots of fighting and people dying.
  • Gaza Plan

    Gaza Plan
    Share El-Shaik Summit, and Gaza Diengagment Plan started.
  • Lebanon July War

    Lebanon July War
    Lebanon July war began, and lots of deaths were caused.
  • Lebanon Conflict

    Lebanon Conflict
    Lebanon Conflict began when fighting broke out between Fatahal-Islam an Islamist militant organization.
  • Seizing supplies

    Seizing supplies
    By seizing the fuel, food, and medical supplies that Israel is transferring to the Gaza Strip and using the supplies itself, the hamas tenor organization is basically holding the civilian population of Gaza hostage.