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Colonization of India

  • The British East Indian Company

    The British East Indian Company
    The Battle of Plassey established the British East India Company's dominance over India.The Company defeated the Nawab of Bengal and installed a puppet ruler, enabling British business ventures in the region and allowing the Company to control trade from the national to the local level.
  • The British Government establishes rule over India (establishes the Raj)

    The British Government establishes rule over India (establishes the Raj)
    This period of British rule is often referred to as the Raj. This was because the Company controlled most of India by 1858, the India Act effectively transferred that control to the British crown. Throughout the British colonization, tensions ran high between the European power and the conquered Asian nation. Great Britain took taxes that stifled Indian industrial and commercial growth to gain more prosperity.
  • Indian National Congress

    Indian National Congress
    The Indian National Congress was often able to govern the subcontinent by consensus. The administrative body was later split up.
  • Muslim League wants a separate Pakistani state

    Muslim League wants a separate Pakistani state
    In a session of the Indian National Congress, the Muslim League proposed the idea of Pakistan. Pakistan was to be a a seperate state for the muslim population, but got little support.
  • Gandhi's Salt March

    Gandhi's Salt March
    Gandhi protested high British salt taxes by marching to the sea more that 200 miles away with more than 100 followers. There people would extract salt for them selves without paying taxes. The protest drew both international press and the ire of British authorities.
  • Pakistan and India declare Independence

    Pakistan and India declare Independence
    Disputes between India and Pakistan stem from the 1947 British partitioning of India that two independent nations.The border between the two states was conceived and finalized by the British lawyer Cyril Radcliffe. Boundaries were drawn hastily, using outdated census reports and maps.
  • First battle over Kashmir

    First battle over Kashmir
    Many Pakistanis say the Kashmir region belong in their Islamic state. Indians, meanwhile, argue India has a legal right to the Kashmir territory. Since 1947, India and Pakistand have been locked in a tense and often hostile rivalry.
  • Gandhi assassinated

    Gandhi assassinated
    Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu radical who believed Gandhi was too sympathetic toward the Muslim population.
  • India becomes a democracy

    India becomes a democracy
    On 15 August 1947, India gained independence from British rule, but at the same time Muslim-majority areas were partitioned to form a separate state of Pakistan. On 26 January 1950, India became a republic and a new constitution came into effect