History of Australia

By LisaLe
  • The Dutch (Netherlands)

    The Dutch (Netherlands)
    1606 was when the first Europeans (the Dutch) came to Australia, but the Aborigines scared them away.
  • James Cook

    James Cook
    James Cook arrives in Australia and claims land for England Knowing the Aborigines were already living there.
  • British Prisoners

    British Prisoners
    Great Britian began sending their prisoners to Australia.
  • Boundaries Established

    Boundaries Established
    Government officials created the boundaries for Autralia's colonies.
  • End of Prisoner Transportation

    End of Prisoner Transportation
    The British stoped sending their prisoners to Australia.
  • Commonwealth

    Commonwealth is a fancy way of saying that Australia still belongs to Great Britian and it was established in 1901.
  • Canberra Completed

    Canberra Completed
    They finished building Canberra, the capital.
  • Aborigines get Rights

    Aborigines get Rights
    The federal government finally began passing legislation to help the aborigines.
  • Australia Act

    Australia Act
    Australia cut all ties they had with the British Empire.
  • Rejected

    55% of voters rejected the idea of becoming an independent republic.