Map australia

History of Australia

  • The Dutch Land

    The Dutch Land
    First Europeans to sail to Australia were the Dutch. They were attcked by the Aborigines and abandoned further exploration.
  • James Cook

    James Cook
    Captain James Cook sailed around Australia. He saw the Aborigines living there, ignored them, and claimed the land for England.
  • Prisons in Australia

    Prisons in Australia
    British Prisoners settled in Australia. New South Wales was officially a penal (prison) colony.
  • Colony Boundaries

    Colony Boundaries
    Government officials created boundaries for the colonies that ar still in place today.
  • Transportation of Prisoners

    Transportation of Prisoners
    British transported prisoners to Australia until 1868. By this time, many free immigrants were settling there.
  • Commonwealth

    The Commonwealth of Australia was established.
  • Canberra

    Canberra was completed in 1921.
  • Help Aborigines

    Help Aborigines
    Federal Government began to pass legislation to help the Aborigines.
  • Australia Act

    Australia Act
    All Legal ties with the British Empire were served.
  • Independent Republic

    Independent Republic
    55% of voters rejected the idea of becoming an independent republic.