Cold war flag

Cold War

  • Angler Hiss

    Angler Hiss
    Former governer offical
    Served in agriculture departments
    1946 elected president of carnigie for international peace
  • Period: to

    Cold War

  • Marshall plan

    Formally known as the european recovery program.
    objectives were to restore the war revenge for west europe econemy.
    ussr and contries of eastern euorope were invited to join.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    major turning point for america
    asked conngress for 400 million dollers
    greeke and turish governments
  • Korean War

    u.s. dominated united nations
    u.s. and it's allies engaged in a major millitary
    war ended in a millitary stalamate
  • vietnam war

    public of vietnam opposed the southern based movement
    2 major conlicts that spread throught inochina
    first inochina war was a strrugle
  • Sputnik

    means travilling companion
    the first artificial satilite
    in 1957 shattered a widley help perception of u.s.
  • Berline Wall

    was to prevent east germans from settling in the west
    endured for nearley 30 years
    it was largley dismeantal during the year 1990
  • Bay of Pigs

    dwight densine hower approved a cia train
    exiles landed on the bay of pigs
    castro relesed the prisoners in exchange for 3 million dollers
  • Warsaw Pact

    treaty establishing a political allienses.
    sined in warsaw in 1955
    millitary structre of pact was sined in 1991
  • Nato

    created by North atlantict treaty
    mutlual defense and collective security
    sined in DC in 1949