13 Days Of Struggle

  • Day 1

    Texians were to surrender to Santa Anna and his troops.They used 18 pounder cannon to answer Mexico's terms
  • Period: to

    The Alamo

  • Day 2

    River Battery was was established by Mexico. Alamo Defenders captured at least one soldier.
  • Day 3

    The Mexicans established an attack with about 400-450 soldiers in which they lost.
  • Day 4

    The Texians burned Mexican jacales during the night time, got water for the day and caused few Mexican casualties during a small skirmish
  • Day 5

    Santa Anna sends foraging parties to look for supplies.
  • Line in the sand

    Colonel William Travis drew line in the sand, for everyone who was willing to join him in battlel to cross
  • Battle of The Alamo

    All Texians were defeated, and Mexico claimed the land