The Story Of My Life*

  • When the world became a better place.

    When the world became a better place.
    I was born March 30th 1992. I was 8lbs 7 ounces and 14 in a half inches long. I was the first child from my mom and dad. When I was born i was very healthy. I was bottle fed and i loved to eat. People enjoyed spoiling me and coming to see me everyday. My dad loved me than, but not now.
  • My Little brother was born.

    Novemeber 6th 1996 i got a brand new baby brother. He was 6lbs 10 ounces and 11 inches long. He was alot smaller than me when i was born. Now he is a giant compared to me. When he was a baby i always helped my mom take care of him. I played house with him, fed him, helped my mom change him and watched cartoons with him. My brother and I been through alot together and now he is like my bestfriend.
  • My mom left my dad.

    My mom and dad had split up. They always faught and my dad used to beat her up. My mom used to be the only one with a job, the only one who took care of me and my younger brother. My dad was a full blown alocholic and he used to torcher my mom. I never understood why my mom put up with it as long as she did. Til this day it hurts so bad to think about how he used to treat her. This impacted my life because i had to watch my mom go through all the hurt and pain.
  • I found out my mom was on drugs.

    My mom and I were like bestfriends, we did everything together. I could go to her for anything. She had started dating this guy who i frankly didnt really like because he was a stoner, but my mom fell in love with him so i had to deal with him. My mom would always nodd out and act weird all the time and i didnt know what was wrong with her. She would never been home and whenever i saw her, her eyes would always be half shut. I found needles in her room and a baggy full of white stuff.
  • Continued about my moms problem..

    ....When i found that stuff i called my grandmom and told her about it.. This really impacted my life because my moms addiction lead to bigger problems. She stopped taking care of her kids. There was never food in the house. She sold my toys. She changed to a totally different person.
  • I moved with my aunt and my brother moved with my grandmom

    Around this time my brother and I moved away from my mom because she had a disease and was not fit to take care of us. We were still very young and needed help on everything and she could no longer to that. I moved with my aunt to millville and my brother moved with my grandmom in dividing creek.
  • My mom passed away

    I had woke up one morning for school and my aunt looked like she had been crying and she rushed out the door, I had no clue what was going on. When i came home from school that day my aunt and uncle were sitting on the couch and the tv was off it was very quite and they both looked like they had been crying for hours. I asked what was wrong and they told me. I lost my bestfriend. My whole life changed after this point on.
  • My Nanny passed away

    After my mom passed away i became very close with my dads mom. She kinda filled in for my mom. We were so close and i went to her for everything like i did with my mom. We always went shopping and every weekend when she came over she always had some kind of present for me. She had open heart surgery and later on passed because the hospital messed up. I was so lost.
  • I met someone who i want to spend my forever with <3

    I met someone who i want to spend my forever with <3
    I know im young and i have my whole life a head of me to worry about getting married and all that kinds of stuff, but i found the one i want to stay with forever. He is my everything and i wouldnt trade him in for the world. We have our ups and downs but what relationship doesnt. He always knows how to put a smile on my face and always listens to me and treats me like a princess.
  • Senior year in highschool, getting ready for the real world

    Senior year in highschool, getting ready for the real world
    This is my last year in highschool. Im starting to prepare for my future. Got accepted to a few colleges, now i have to figure out which one im going to go to. I want to be a Nurse Practioner when i grow up. Im focusing on getting good grades, and doing what i need to do to get ready for college.
  • Graduation

    Im graduating from highschool. After highschool, i plan to go to college for 6 years and become a Nurse Practioner.
  • Gloucester County College

    Gloucester County College
    I will be attending this college to get my furture started. Im going to get my CNA, than my RN, than my LPN to become a Nurse Practioner. In order to get to the job i want i have to go to school for 6 years. Its going to take a lot of time and effort, but it will be worth it in te end.
  • registered to be a Nurse Practioner.

    registered to be a Nurse Practioner.
    I got my license, and now i can start my career and save money for a nice house and have a fmaily of my own.