Compiled World War One Timeline

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary is assassinated in by a member of a Serbian terrorist group. This event leads to World War One.

  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia because they failed to meet an ultimatum set by the Austro-Hungarian government. This was the first declaration of war in World War One.

  • Germany declared war on France and commenced with their “Schlieffen plan” and marched through Belgium. This caused Britain to declare war on Germany .

  • France declares war on Austria-Hungary. Yet another declaration of war added to the feud.

  • Britain declares war on Austria-Hungary, as did France.

  • British and French armies invade and keep Togoland, a German outpost in West Africa. This is an example of fighting in colonies

  • Germany invaded France through Belgium. The British and the French joined together and held off the Germans – effectively winning the battle. This was when Great Britain first fought in the Great War,

  • This is the first day that trenches were dug on the Western Front

  • -5 Nov 1914, France, Great Britain, and Russia declare war on the Ottoman Empire for bombing Russian sea-ports. The Allies had declared war on a nation that was clearly a Central Power.

  • Germany must split troops to help the Austrians. The Austro-Hungarian army was clearly having trouble defending themselves and their country.

  • The Balkan front is established. British and French armies attack Dardenelles because the sea passage to Russia was cut off by the Ottoman Empire.

  • Italy joined the Allies because they were promised territory in Austria-Hungary. This gave the Allies an important ally

  • 'The Great Retreat' is ordered - Russian forces pull back out of Poland (currently part of Russia), taking machinery and equipment with them. Russia is beginning to falter in the Great War.

  • Germany takes control of the army of Austria-Hungary. Germany felt the need to help the Austro-Hungarians as they faltered in the war.

  • The Indian army lost many men at the Battle of Loos. This would cause particular anger back in India later when they still weren't granted their freedom.

  • France declares war on Bulgaria because they had declared war on Serbia after a secret alliance with Germany

  • German, Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian armies force the Serbian army into exile; Serbia suffers a disastrous defeat.

  • The Germans developed new weapons and started a particularly bloody ten month battle with the French known as the Battle of Verdun. There were many deaths and injuries at this battle.

  • - 12 Oct 1916, The Brusilov Offensive was an assault which effectively crushed the Austro-Hungarian army.

  • Certain offensives launched by the French ended so badly that many French soldiers were feeling disconsolate and hopeless. Some soldiers started a mutiny, and one of the generals who launched the offensive was fired.

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  • The Germans began to launch an offensive which they hoped would defeat the allies before more Americans could come.

  • American troops started to arrive in France. They greatly helped the allies win the war.

  • The Americans help the Allies win an advantage over the Central Powers and claim more territory.

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  • The Treaty of Versailles was signed which ended the war, but not the fighting.

  • The Armistice between Germany and the allies officially ends The Great War.