• Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serbian activist. This historic event sparked the start of World War One

  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. This was the first country to declare war in World War One

  • -1 September 1914, Austrian invasion of Russian Poland. The fighting between Russia and Austria-Hungary heats up.

  • Cited, maybe legendarily, as the day trenches are first dug on the Western Front.

  • - December 17: Battles of Limanowa, in which Austrian forces save their lines and prevent Russia attacking Vienna.

  • Germany forms a southern army to support the faltering Austrians.

  • Italy joined the Allies. The Central Powers lost an ally, but the Allies gained an important one.

  • -July15, 1915: The German 'Triple Offensive' begins, aiming to destroy the Russian army.

  • 'The Great Retreat' is ordered - Russian forces pull back out of Poland (currently part of Russia), taking machinery and equipment with them.

  • After the failure of the Austrian 'Black Yellow' offensive, Germany takes over ultimate control of Austro-Hungarian forces.

  • German, Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian forces push the Serbian army into exile; Serbia falls.

  • - June 10, 1916: Austrian Trentino Offensive against Italy, no gains.

  • -October 17, 1916: The Brusilov Offensive, an initially successful assault shatters the Austrian army.