By ta12
  • Born

    I was born in Cooks Childrens Hospital in Dallas
  • Church

    I went to Church for the first time ever
  • ballet

    I went to ballet class and became a dancer
  • Plane

    A plane crashed into the twin towers in New York
  • Pre-K

    I went to Pre-k at Bryant Elementary
  • Piano

    I joined piano lessons
  • swimming

    I learned how to swim and joined the swim team
  • Piano

    I played the piano during the talent sjow
  • awards

    I got an award for being the best artist in art class
  • Church

    I got baptized at first baptist church
  • violin

    i joined my first violin lesson
  • bike

    I learned how to ride a two wheeler bike
  • talent

    I won an award for playing the violin in the talent show
  • moving

    I moved to a new house but still in the same city
  • Surgery

    I got surgury on my arm
  • Contest

    I got an award for a math contest
  • camp

    I went to camp and learned hoe to fish and survive in the woods
  • 4th

    I went to go see fireworks with my bestfriend for the first time
  • scooter

    I learned how to ride a motor scooter
  • math

    I got mvoed up a grasde but only in math
  • news

    I meet the major and i was on the news
  • swimming

    I got a job at the swimming pool as a pre life guard
  • braces

    I got braces
  • may

    I graduated out of 6th grade
  • brother

    my brother learned how to drive and got a new car
  • park

    i went to the waterpark and saw my favorite band perform
  • cousin

    my cousin went to college