World War I

By haywood
  • The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferninand

    Fraz Ferdinand was assassinated which was part of the reason that the war started
  • Battle of Liege

    The Battle of Liège was the first battle of the war, and could be considered a moral victory for the allies, as the heavily outnumbered Belgians held out against the German Army for 12 days. From 5–16 August 1914, the Belgians successfully resisted the numerically superior Germans, and inflicted surprisingly heavy losses on their aggressors.
  • Battle of Falkland Islands

    Battle of Falkland Islands between the British and the German Naval units. Germany losts four warships and more than 2,000 sailors in the Falkland Isands
  • Invasion of serbia

    The Serbian Army declined severely towards the end of the war, falling from about 420,000 at its peak to about 100,000 at the moment of liberation. The Kingdom of Serbia lost 1,100,000 inhabitants during the war , which represented over 27% of its overall population.
  • Battle of Verdan

  • U.S declare war

  • Battle of Messines

    The Battle of Messines was a battle of the western front of the First World War. It began on 7 June 1917 when the British Second Army under the command of General Herbert Plumer launched an offensive near the village of Messines in West Flanders, Belgium. The target of the offensive was a ridge running north from Messines village past Wytschaete village which created a natural stronghold southeast of Ypres.
  • Battle of Epehy

    The Battle of Épehy was a World War I battle fought on 18 September 1918, involving the British Fourth Army against German outpost positions in front of the Hindenburg Line.
  • World War I ends