Ch.8 and 10 Timeline

  • The 7 Years War begins

    The entire country of Europe is at war, between France, Austria, Russia, Saxony, and Sweden on one side and Prussia, Great Britain, and Hanover on the other side.
  • Spain joins the Seven Years War

    Spain decides to join France, Austria, Russia, Saxony, and Sweden in an attempt to rebuild their dignity.
  • The 7 Years War ends

    The 7 Years War comes to an end as a tie, and nobody won, causing the Spainish to neither gain nor lose honor.
  • The Haitian Revolution begins

    The followers of General Toussaint began a bloody carnage that was directed toward the slave-owners who mistreated them. There are even records of some who carried white infants impaled on pikes as a sign of their desire toward freedom.
  • The Haitian Revolution ends

    Haiti wins their independence from Spain, and begins the task of establishing their new government.
  • Mexico's Independence

    A priest by the name of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, tired of how his people were treated, had the native Spaniards distracted while he rang the church bells of his village, and then made the famous cry, "Mexicanos, Viva Mexico!"(Mexicans, long live Mexico!) This cry became known as the "grito de Dolores."
  • The Austro-Prussian War begins (7 weeks war)

    Austria and Prussia's disagreements end up causing the German Confederation to be in civil war. The Prussians want to lead the German Confederation, but Austria refuses to give up their power.
  • The Austro-Prussian War ends (7 weeks war)

    Austria finally loses it's control over the German Confederation, and Prussia makes a truce by combining Austria with Hungary if they get control of the German Confederation. Austria agrees, but later loses Hungary to a revolution.
  • Canada's Independence

    After a long struggle with Great Britain, Canada became an independent nation from foreign rule.
  • The Franco-Prussian War begins

    Prussia's Otto von Bismarck provokes France with the altered version of the EMS telegram in order to unite the German Confederation under a single banner.
  • The Franco-Prussian War ends

    Prussia won the war, and in the end the German Confederation united and ended up an empire, just as Bismarck had hoped to unite them.