Canada's Prime Ministers

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  • Lester B. Pearson

    Lester B. Pearson
    A likeable and patient man, Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson had a conciliatory approach he learned in his career as a diplomat. Lester Pearson was a strong supporter of international agencies and helped establish NATO.
  • Pierre Trudeau

    Pierre Trudeau
    Pierre Trudeau This is one of Pierre Trudeau's famous speech during his term as Prime Minister.
  • Joe Clark

    Joe Clark
    At the age of 39, Joe Clark became the youngest Prime Minister of Canada in 1979. A fiscal conservative, Joe Clark and his minority government were defeated after just nine months in power on a non-confidence motion on a budget of tax increases and program cuts.
  • Pierre Trudeau

    Pierre Trudeau
    Pierre Trudeau held his philosophy of one Canada and a strong federal government before he became prime minister and he maintained it throughout his political career
  • John Turner

    John Turner
    John Turner was a Prime Minister in waiting for too long. By the time John Turner had waited out the Trudeau era and was elected Leader of the Liberal Party to become Prime Minister in 1984, the country was fed up with Liberal government. Turner seemed out of touch, made a number of political gaffes, including calling an early election, and the Conservatives won a massive majority.
  • Brian Mulroney

    Brian Mulroney
    By the time Mulroney retired as Prime Minister of Canada in 1993, his personal popularity was lower than that of any other Prime Minister in Canadian history, and the Progressive Conservative Party was faced with a struggle to maintain its existence.
  • Jean Chretien

    Jean Chretien
    Jean Chretien governments gave Canada liberal social policies and a healthy Canadian economy, including elimination of the deficit. In its later years, however, the Chretien government was marked by scandals over mismanagement and by a split in the Liberal party as Paul Martin pushed to take over the job of prime minister.
  • Kim Campbell

    Kim Campbell
    Kim Campbell was Prime Minister of Canada for only four months, but she can take credit for a number of Canadian political firsts. Kim Campbell was the first woman Prime Minister of Canada, the first woman Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, the first woman Minister of National Defence, and she was the first woman elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.
  • Paul Martin

    Paul Martin
    Paul Martin entered politics after a successful business career as Chairman and CEO of Canada Steamship Lines, but he had been exposed to politics and the Liberal Party from an early age.
  • Stephen Harper

    Stephen Harper
    Stephen Harper Sings! Prime Minister Stephen Harper has musical talent and enjoys sharing a song with the nation!
  • Timeline of Canadian Prime Ministers

    Timeline of Canadian Prime Ministers
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