• Assassination of Archduke France Ferdinand

    Archduke was assassinated by a man named Gavrilo Princip while on a visite to Sarajevo at point blank rage, Archduke was traveling in his car from a town hall reception, the funny thing was that he had already survived one assassination earlier that day.
  • Period: to


  • Geman are craft shot down

    this was the day the first Germany aircraft was shot down by an Allie plane
  • Turkey Joining

    Turkey joins the War on Germany's side also this was the day both sides started trench warfare
  • Poison gases

    the first sign of any poison gas the first was used by the french it was tear gas later on Germans studied it and used a violent sneezing gas
  • Switching sides

    Italy switch side from the Central Powers to the Allies because they do not gain a lot of money from wars so they saw that the Central Powers were losing and changed side for the city of Fiume
  • Battle of Verdun

    The very first battle and one of the most important battles on the Western part of the world where the French won against Germany there were about a quarter million deaths
  • First use of tanks

    They were used in the battle of Somme by the British
  • United States joining

    We did not actually declare war until December 7th of that year, the whole reason of us joining was because of we gained many alliences also helped us with financle problems
  • Greece starting

    Greece had chose a side and agreed to join the allience
  • End of the war

    The date the first world war ended after four years of massacre and blood. A treaty was signed around the time of eleven o' clock. Everybody was so happy after this treaty was signed until the second world war