World War I (The Great War)

By katie24
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
    A nationalist group called "The Black Hand" outraged with the annex of the Balkan states Bosnia and Herzegovina from Tukey and into the Austro-Hungarian empire. "The Black Hand" supplied a group of students with weapons for an assassination attempt.
  • Austria declares war on Serbia

    Austria declares war on Serbia
    The Austrian government blamed the Sebrian government for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife delcared war on Serbia. Russia was allied with Serbia, Germany did not believe that Russia would mobilise and offered to support Austria if necessary.
  • Germany declares war on Russia

    Germany declares war on Russia
    Due to the fact that Russia did mobilise as promised Germany would help out and support war and allied with Austria
  • Battle of Jutland

    Battle of Jutland
    The only truely large-scale naval of the war. German forces, confined to port by a British naval blockade. Germans came out to fight wanting to split the British fleet and destroying one ship at a time
  • First Aeroplane raid

    First Aeroplane raid
    The first German air raid on London took place. They thought if they attacked London and the South East, British air force would be forced to protect their home front instead of attacking the German air force
  • USA declares war on Germany

    USA declares war on Germany
    The United States of America declared war on Germany in response to the sinking, by German U boats, of US ships.
  • W. Front Cambrai

    W. Front Cambrai
    The British took a large force of tanks across the barbed wire and machine gun posts at Cambrai.
  • Battle of Amiens

    Battle of Amiens
    The British general, Haig, ordered the attack of the German sector at Amiens. At the same time the news came through that the allies had broken through from Salonika and forced Bulgaria to sue for peace.
  • Kaiser abdicated

    Kaiser abdicated
    Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated.
  • Armistice signed

    Armistice signed
    Happend at 11 am in the French town of Redonthes, the Armistice was signed bringing the war to an end. An Armistice is a peace signing where all the parties of the war agree on peace, sometimes doesn't end all wars.