Fulbright Application Process

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    Application Process

  • Letters of Reference

    By the 1st of March, you should have selected at least 2 referees and approached them. Explain your purpose and requirements, the anticipated deadlines, when you would like your references to be ready by and ask them if you can help them out in any other way. Thank them in advance and be persistent throughout March to get those letters out of them!
  • Begin writing personal statement

  • Begin writing career statement

  • Transcripts from university

    Speak to Ms Huma at the Exam Dept (if she is still there) about the scholarship you're applying for. Ask her to assist you in obtaining a set of transcripts for the purpose because you WILL be asked to submit duplicates in the course of the process. In the meantime, photocopy all the transcripts you have right now of your degree. Check how many are required by USAID. Maintain these in a seperate folder.
  • Resume

    Begin work on your 2-page resume. Do not take it lightly; this is one of the most important things you will be questioned about during an interview.
  • Tests

    GRE scheduling By now, you should have registered, prepared for and sat both the TOEFL and GRE.
  • Statements-completed

    Aim to have finished your statement writing and checking by this point.
  • Mail forms