Life of B.F. Skinner

By zhuzc
  • Skinner was on born

  • Master in psychology

  • Skinner invented the Operant Conditioning Chamber

  • Skinner received a PhD from Harvard University

  • Married Yvonne Blue

  • The Behavior of Organisms published

  • Skinner invents the Air-crib

  • Skinner began his Pigeon project

  • Period: to

    Chairman of psychology at Indiana University

  • Period: to

    Harvard's Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology

  • Walden Two was published

  • Science and Human Behaviour published

  • Verbal Behaviour published

  • The teaching machine was invented

  • Beyond Freedom and Dignity was published

  • Awarded Human of the Year Award

  • Retired from Havard University

  • Skinner passed away of leukemia