People V. Martin Prosecution Timeline

  • Honors English Literature Exam

  • 2001 Beck Martin and Cody Ward Caught Cheating

  • Anne received Honors Test with Cody & Beck's handwriting

    Anne received Honors Test with Cody & Beck's handwriting for answers and told them that they had to turn themselves in by Monday
  • Period: to

    Ten Phone Messages from Beck to Anne

  • Anne Goes Rock Climbing

    Late PM,
  • Confrontation: mid

    *Beck grabbed Anne by shirt
    *Continue to argue- Anne told them to turn in themselves again
    *7::50pm Cody returns to his car while Anne & Beck continue walking off path toward cove continues arguing
    *9:00pm Beck returns to Cody's car
  • Anne's Locker Is Broken Into

  • 7:00am Dean saw Beck outside of school

  • 7am Kripke examins the cove of Belena Beach

    finds rock with dried blood and Anne's body with marks on wrists and wounds from blunt force near temples
  • 11:00am Cody shows up late to school from doctors

    soon after arriving at school the schooldean announces Anne's death