Maria's Life

  • The day I borned

    The 10th of February of 1997 I borned in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). Three days before, my mother was eating in a restaurant with her sisters and, before finishing the food, she needed to go to the hospital.
  • My buptize

    This day I weard a sohort white and pink dress. My family and I went to the Church and the chruch man put water on my head.
  • My first birthday

    This day I had a great time with some little friends and my family.
  • My first golf match

    This day, a friend and I went to a Mini-Golf, it was our first golf match and I won.
  • My first car

    I was on holiday with some friends and we saw a big motorbike, so we ride it
  • My first pet

    Santa Claus brought me a little dog and we called her Elyon.
  • My Comunion

    This day, I woke up earlier because I went to the hairdresser. Then, me and my family, went to the Church and, there, I did my Comunion with some friends.
  • My first travel to Madrid

    Me and my family went to our first travel to Madrid. We had a great time and we saw a lot of Museums and musicals.
  • My first travel to Cuenca

    Me, my family and some friends went to Cuenca. There we played with the snow, we ate very good and we had a great time.