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Salam Khudair's Awsome Life

By aberela
  • A new cute baby was Born! :)

    A new cute baby was Born! :)
    One Day in the afternoon a new born baby was born in my house bathroom.My mom was getting ready to go to the hospitale, she was washing her hands then I came. Everyone was so happy, even me! It was the best day of my life.
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    My Life

    My Awsome Life.
  • My first Valentine's

    My first Valentine's
    On Feb.14,2000 it was my first Valentine's Day.It was really good because that is the date of my Dad's Birthday,so he was really happy that I was born ten day's before my dad's birthday.I am so happy that my birthday is that close to my dad's.
  • First Easter

    First Easter
    On my first Easter I was probly really happy.Since I celebrate Easter I got to go Easter Egg Hunting usally my mom and dad would fill up these colorful eggs with toys and candy.I loved Easter!
  • Pre School

    Pre School
    When I was three years old I went to Four Sight Pre School. I loved going to that school, becasuse everyday before school me and my dad would stop by a deli and we would share chocalate cupcakes, and that was evryday. Love those days.
  • My first Hermet Crab

    My first Hermet Crab
    When I was in pre school I had a Hermet Crab as a pet it was so freaky I hate hermet crabs and I will never ever like them they look like freaky hard spiders I will nevr get another one ever again
  • Swimming

    When I was about 5 years old I started to swim.I used to love going in the water sometimes my dad would pick me up then throw me in the pool,but not hard.I loved swimming!I really wish I could have a pool in my back yard that would be awsome!
  • My Big Brothers

    My Big Brothers
    My Brothers were so annpying to me when I was a little kid.They would be so mean like in a picture my brother was draging me on the floor,and I was smiling.So was my brother.I am the youngest one.Even if they are annoying they are still my brothers,and I love them.
  • 4th of July

    4th of July
    On the 4th of July I was so happy cause I loved the fireworks they looked really pretty I really like the red and Gold and Blue ones the best cause they were the most brightest.I love fireworks!
  • My first day at St.John's Lutheran

    My first day at St.John's Lutheran
    I first came to St.John's Lutheran when I was 8 years old. At first I was really nervous that I wouldn't make friends and stuff like that I was fine and all the people were nice and I found out that I actually went to pre school with Olivia Springer, and in the same class and I still go to school here.I really like it here.
  • First day of fourth Grade

    First day of fourth Grade
    My first day of fourth grade was really fun plus Mrs.Aversano was a really nice awsome teacher that was probly my favorite besides 2010.I really wish I can Just go back,plus we had really fun stuff.Good Times
  • First Day of being a older kid

    First Day of being a older kid
    When I first walked in the class room of 5th grade I felt that I was finally part of the older kids espicially now our class can play with that older kids outside it is more fun.I even like how we swiched classes,but now it is a whole different story now we get a lot of homework ,swiching classes hurt my legs it is a whole mess,but it is still fun to be a older kid.
  • My first phone maby?

    My first phone maby?
    First we walked into T-mobile and I was not sure why we did, so my dad was talking to the guy there and he was talking about getting me a phone and it was a super duper nice phone,but I have to wait until ny Oldest brother turns 18 which is July,14.I was so mad.My dad said I might get it befor that,but I hope that I get to get it even sooner then that,cause I can not wait that long to get a phone.I really want it,I am hoping that I walk into my room and it is sitting on my bed in the box.