Brandon's Wonderful Life

Timeline created by btwilliams
  • Baby Brandon

    Baby Brandon
    I was born 7 weeks too early. My mom says I have been in a hurry for everything since then!
  • Brandon finally comes home

    Brandon finally comes home
    I finally came home after 3 weeks
  • Brandon turns 1

    Brandon turns 1
    I finally turn 1
  • Big Brother Brandon

    Big Brother Brandon
    This is the first time I met my sister Kyleigh. My mom loves saying that I could not stand her. She said I cried any time I got near her. I think she should cut me some slack I was only 15 months old!
  • Brandon's 2

    Brandon's 2
  • Brandon's 3

    Brandon's 3
  • Brandon's 5th Birthday

    Brandon's 5th Birthday
  • 1st day of Kindergarten

    1st day of Kindergarten
    I finally went to kindergarten.
  • Brandon's 6th Birthday

    Brandon's 6th Birthday
    This year I had my party at Adventure Landing. I got a lot of GI Joe toys that year.
  • Brandon's 7th Birthday

    Brandon's 7th Birthday
    Brandon's 7th birthday. Celebrated at his Grandma's house. Me and Bryce share birthday parties because our birthday's are close together.
  • Donna Run

    Donna Run
    My Grandma and Papa ran 26.2 miles. I went out to the beach and saw Mrs. Tamburino. I cheered on all the runners too.