Texas rrevolution

The Texas Revolution

  • Fredonian Rebellion

    Fredonian Rebellion
    More InformationBenjamin and Haden Edwards were brothers who started a nation called Fredonia. They took over the Old Stone Fort in Nacogdoches, but when they heard that Mexican forces were coming, they fled to the United States.
  • Mier Y Teran Report

    Mier Y Teran Report
    More InformationGeneral Manuel de Mier y Teran was sent by Santa Anna to inspect Texas and give a report of how everything was. He returned to Mexico and his reports caused the Law of April 6th 1830.
  • Law of April 6th 1830

    Law of April 6th 1830
    More InformationThe Law of April 6th 1830 was a law that changed many things in Texas. It had 6 set provisions.
  • Conflict at Anahuac

     Conflict at Anahuac
    More InformationWilliam T. Logan came from the United States following two of his slaves. Davis Bradburn kept the slaves and refused to give them back. Travis told one of Bradburn's guards that Logan was returning with armed men. Bradburn looked foolish when no troops arrived. Bradburn reacted by putting Travis in jail.
  • Turtle Bayou Resolutions

    Turtle Bayou Resolutions
    More InformationWhile the Texans at Turtle Bayou waited for John Austin to bring a cannon, they drafted a statement known as the Turtle Bayou Resolutions.
  • Battle of Velasco

    Battle of Velasco
    More InformationDomingo de Ugartechea blocked John Austin from transporting a cannon at the town of Velasco. This resulted in a scuffle between the two troops.
  • Convention of 1832

    Convention of 1832
    More Information56 delagetes met in San Felipe de Austin. They pledged their allegiance to the Constitution of 1824 and drafted a set of resolutions.
  • Convention of 1833

    More InformationThis second convention was held while Stephen F. Austin was away in Mexico. The delegates elected William Wharton to lead the meeting.
  • Santa Anna Takes Over the Mexican Goverment

    Santa Anna Takes Over the Mexican Goverment
    President Anastasio Bustamante was leading a centralist government. Many Texans were not pleased with this. Santa Anna pretended that he supported the Texan point of view. He launched a rebellion against the Bustamante and when he got the power, he made himself dictator.
  • Stephen F. Austin is Arrested

    Stephen F. Austin is Arrested
    More InformationStephen F. Austin sent a letter to Bexar and Mexican official Gomez Farias intercepted it. Stephen F. Austin was accused of treason and put into jail.
  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    More InformationThe Battle of Gonzales was the first major battle in the Texas Revolution. The Mexicans had left a cannon with the Texans and they came back to get it. Texans raised a flag that said" Come and take it!" Texans fired at the Mexicans until they retreated.
  • Period: to

    Siege of San Antonio

    More InformationMany of the people at San Antonio were farmers or rancher. Since no fighting was taking place, they returned home to their families. Most of the Texan army was slowly drifting away.
  • Consultation of 1835

    Consultation of 1835
    More InformationThe delegates met at Washington-on-the-Brazos to discuss whether to fight or not. Stephen F. Austin came back from prison and urged the settlers to take a stand against Santa Anna.
  • Runaway Scrape

    Runaway Scrape
    More InformationWhen the Texans in the Gonzales area heard of the fall of the Alamo, they panicked and retreated towards the USA. Some stopped in Nacogoches but others fled all teh way to Louisiana
  • Period: to

    Siege of the Alamo

    More InformationThe Siege of the Alamo lasted 13 days. The Texans worked hard to fortify the mission walls with 21 cannons. Colenel James Bowie wrote many letters to the people of Texas to help defend the Alamo.
  • Convention of 1836

    Convention of 1836
    More InformationThe delegates met at Washington-on-the-Brazos for a second meeting of the Consultation. The structure was unfinished and the temperature was freezing, so the proceeding were quick.
  • Texas Declaration of Independance

    Texas Declaration of Independance
    More InformationThe Texas Declaration of Independence was modeled on the U.S. Declaration. There are three sections that each have equal importance. On March 2nd, 1836, the Declaration was adopted by a unanimous vote.
  • Battle of Coleto Creek

    Battle of Coleto Creek
    More InformationJames W. Fannin and his men were retreating to Victoria. General Urrea's army surrounded them while they were resting in an open clearing.
  • Massacre at Goliad

    Massacre at Goliad
    More InformationThe men who could walk were marched out into the courtyard of Goliad. They were then shot and the remaning men (including Fannin) were executed later.
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Battle of San Jacinto
    More InformationThis battle marked the end of the Texas Revolution. Sam Houston led an army of fearless men towards the Mexican camp. There were many more Mexicans than Texans, but after 18 minutes, Texans had clearly won. Santa Anna was captured and Texas became free of all dictatorship.
  • Treaties of Velasco

    Treaties of Velasco
    More InformationThese two treaties were signed by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and David G. Burnet. There was a public treaty and a secret treaty.