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Texas Revolution

  • Freedonian Rebellion

    Freedonian Rebellion
    The Edward brothers started a "Revolution" and a new country within Mexico Texas. when they heard that there was a army was coming they fled to the U.S. More information.
  • Mier y Terán Report

    Mier y Terán Report
    José Manuel Rafael Simeón de Mier y Terán wrote a report on texas and how mexico should take care of the problems there. More information.
  • Santa Anna over takes the Mexican Government

    Santa Anna over takes the Mexican Government
    Santa Anna and the army shelled the Mexican palace and overtook the government. More information.
  • Law of April 6th 1830

    Law of April 6th 1830
    Mexico passed a law that no more immigration from the U.S., more taxes,custom duties,etc.. More information.
  • Conflict at Anahuac

    Conflict at Anahuac
    William B. Travis and Patrick Jack were thown into jail unfairly. More information.
  • Turtle Bayou Resolutions

    Turtle Bayou Resolutions
    The Texans agreed to not rebel against Mexico. More information.
  • Battle of Velasco

    Battle of Velasco
    Mexico was trying to stop the Texans from transporting small cannons to Anahuac. The Mexicans were outnumbered and ran out of ammunition. More information
  • Convention of 1833

    Convention of 1833
    Texans met to talk about the Law of April 6th 1830. More information.
  • Stephen F. Austin gets arrested

    Stephen F. Austin gets arrested
    Austin traveled to Mexico as a commissioner for texas. as he waited for a appointment he grew impaient and sent a letter to texas saying that they should create their own government. Mexico intercepted this letter and arrested Austin.More infomation.
  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    The settlers fought off the mexicans with the cannon they were trying to take back. More information
  • Consultaion

    The Texans met for a Consultation on what to do about the Mexicans. More information
  • Battle of San Antonio

    Battle of San Antonio
    The Texans seiged San Antonio from the Mexacans. More information.
  • Runaway Scrape

    Runaway Scrape
    Anglo Americans across texas left their homes and started to move back to the U.S afraid of Santa Anna killing them. More information.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    Brave texans held the Alamo from mexican forces for 13 days. More infomation.
  • Convention of 1836

    Convention of 1836
    Texans wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence and elected a ad interim government. More information.
  • Texas Declaration of Independence

    Texas Declaration of Independence
    The Declaration was signed at the Convention of 1836. More information.
  • Battle of Coleto Creek

    Battle of Coleto Creek
    Fannin's men stopped at a parrie by Coleto Creek and were ambushed my the Mexicans. More infromation.
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Battle of San Jacinto
    The texans defeated Santa Anna's army and won the revolution. More information.
  • Treaties of Velasco

    Treaties of Velasco
    Two treaties were writen one public and one secret, between Mexico and Texas. More information.