Me when i was a baby

My life!

  • When I was born

    When I was born
    I was brought to this world my dad said he carried me even though I was so messy in his arms. I was the first girl in the family. I was born in Queens, New York.
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    My life :)

  • My first big birthday party.

    It was my first birthday party at a big place with friends and family i don't no much but have videos that remind me, I do know that I got a lot of presents and I knew how to walk.
  • I took my first steps.

    I don't remember of course though I was young just one and a half years old it surprised me that i did so much when I was young. I think my dad was the first one to see me take the steps.
  • Came to visit North Carolina.

    Came to visit North Carolina.
    I can't remember that much about it but I do remember it was really country and i didnt't like it. That was the time when my parents started to plan on moving down there.
  • I got my first dog.

    I got my first dog.
    I got my first dog when I was five. I named him Brandy he was a beautiful brown hair dog, he was half golden retreiver and another type of dog bread that I don't know what is called.
  • First day of kindergarten

    I was starting school, quote on my birthday, i really was scared because I didn't know how it would be.
  • My firt trip out of the country!

    My firt trip out of the country!
    I went to El Salvador for the first time and meet all of my family. It was the a scary feeling to go on the plane but it was worth it.
  • The twin towers fell in New York

    The twin towers fell in New York
    At that time I was in class and i didn't know what was happening. All I saw was my classmates were leaving from school. When my mom pick me up I smell this horiable smell and I also saw smoke coming from the sky, me and my mom started to run to our apartment and stayed there until my dad and my brothers came home soon.
  • I started to sing in the glee club.

    I started to sing in the glee club.
    I started to sing even younger but never really sang in front of people. So I join the glee club in 2nd grade in my school.
  • My baby sister was born.

    When I got out of school I saw that my mom didn't pick me up as she usually does, my aunt did. She tells me that my mom went to the hospital to give birth to my sister i was so excited. At 8:30 p.m my sister was born.
  • I moved to North Carolina

    I moved to North Carolina
    Since New York is such an expensive place we decide we need to move out of the city and the violence also. So we moved to North Carolina, it took us about thriteen hours to get to our new home thats when I was worried about the new school.
  • My first christmas in North Carolina.

    This christmas is special because at that time we just moved down here we didn't have no money. With some help of church and my school they help us have some presenta. Also stuff that we need during our new year and blessing us with eveyrthing.
  • My grandma passed away.

    One of the most sadest moments that I remeber because my grandma didn't live here and I couldn't say good-bye to her.
  • I go back to New York to visit.

    I go back to New York to visit.
    I went back to visit for about four days not that much. We went to see the sites and eat the food that we can't find in North Carolina.
  • Finally got a house.

    It was great that we finally found a beautiful house in N.C. it was like our christmas present, to me it meant more because I never thoughtwe ever would get a house and now i have my own room.
  • I went to the 8th grade prom.

    I went to the 8th grade prom.
    The prom was a great time because it was my first time looking like someone else and also it was our last dance in Grifton School.
  • I graduated from the 8th grade.

    It was the most excited day ever in my life I was happy that I was finally getting out of middle school.I was excited and also ready to go to high school.
  • My freshmen year.

    First day as a freshmen wasn't so well, the bus didn't came in time and i didn't know who was my homeroom. I got lost a few times but then I got use to it being a freshmen wasn't that hard for me it was just like a regular school year.
  • I finally went back to El Salvador after 5 yrs.

    I was glad to have a vacation out of all the books and to go back to see my family.
  • Here I am as a Sophomore.

    Here I am as a Sophomore.
    Here I am two or three more years until I'm a senior and also to graduate. In a honors class and passed my first semseter and I'm ready to move on and keep working hard.