Krissy Miller

By krissym
  • Birth

    I was born April 26, 1995 in Salem, Virgina.
  • Period: to

    Krissy's Life

  • Moved

    I moved from Salem, Va to Ayden, NC.
  • Speech Thearpy

    I started speech thearpy.
  • Started Pre-School

    I started preschool in Ayden, NC.
  • Girl Scouts

    I joined a girl scout troop.
  • Started School

    I started kindergarten at Ayden elementary.
  • Done with girl scouts

    My girl scout troop broke up.
  • Switched Schools

    For first grade I switched schools to Snow Hill Primary.
  • Met My Best-Friend

    I met my (still) best friend, Kathryn Clark a few days before 2nd grade.
  • Switched Schools Again

    I switched schools again for second grade this time back to Ayden.
  • Braces

    I got braces put on.
  • Graduated Elementary School

    I graduated from Ayden Elementary after finishing 4th grade.
  • Middle School

    I started 5th grade at Ayden Middle School.
  • Braces Free

    I got my braces taken off.
  • Done with 8th grade.

    I graduated from middle school.
  • All my baby teeth gone!

    I got my last four baby teeth cut out (like they do wisdon teeth).
  • Freshmen

    I started pth grade at AGHS.
  • 12 year old molars

    My 12 year old molars finally came in!
  • Project Due

    My timeline project was due.
  • Walk for Life

    I went to Washington D.C. for the National Pro-Life Walk.