The Life of Geremi Dixon

By geremi
  • Wait its 2!!

    Wait its 2!!
    here comes Geremi. born in portsmouth. VA @ portsmouth hospital.
  • 1st move

    1st move
    moved to Ayden N.C. to live and take of my grandmother (Lile May Cannon).
  • R.I.P. David K. Cannon

    R.I.P. David K. Cannon
    my grandfather died.
  • kindergarten

    so afraid the big kids might hurt me!
  • Opps!

    young kids and money> i swallowed a penny and it ad to be removed.
  • King's Dominion

    had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Best Thing i EVER did in my life!!!!

    8:01 at church and i raise my hand to be saved!!
  • Drummer Boy!!

    Drummer Boy!!
    Received my first drum set! in about 2 months i was playing for church!!$$$$$
  • Sweet Heart!!!

    Sweet Heart!!!
    Helped my mother host a Banquet!! never again will i be a waitress!!
  • Time For Change!!

    Time For Change!!
    Witness The First Black President!!
  • Love

    Fell in love with Kelsey J. but later found out that she wasn't for me
  • R.I.P J.M.F

    R.I.P J.M.F
    My BEST friend died of lucima over night. she is missed and forever loved!!
  • !st high school year!!

    My Frist year at Ayden Grifton High School!!
  • zoom zoom zoom!!

    i received my permit!!
  • AAU Tournament

    AAU tournament and we blew everbody out the gym. We won the D-1 march maddness Tournament.
  • USSSA D-1 national tournament

    Warriors ranked #1 after we CP3 in greensbro colseim
  • First newspaper apperance

    As we played in the christmas tournament i had a picture tooken of me blocking a shot.
  • My First time dunking

    My First time dunking
    Elm Street Gym. i Flew to the Rim Like a Buzzard to a dead animal!!
  • my First 2 hand Dunk

    my First 2 hand Dunk
    In the Gym during 2nd period and took Flight and we know what happen from there!!
  • AllStar Football Player!!!

    AllStar Football Player!!!
    My Rec. football team (TradeMart) Won the D2 Championship!!