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Maryaa's Social Studies Life Timeline

By Maryaa
  • Maryaa's Birth

    Maryaa's Birth
    Maryaa was Born on October 10, 2001. This is baby Maryaa out for a stroll on the beach.
  • Maryaa's 1st Birthday

    Maryaa has finally turned 1 year old.
  • Maryaa's 2nd Birthday

    Maryaa's 2nd Birthday
    One of Maryaa's homade Birthday cakes (One of many). Maryaa had a lot of family over that year.
  • Mayaa's 3th Birthday

    Mayaa's 3th Birthday
    This is Maryaa's 3th birthday and this ia a picture with her and her mom. You can see the decoration lights in the backround. Cant you just see the big 5 year old smile on Maryaa's face.
  • Maryaa's Sister was born

    Maryaa's Sister was born
    In 2005, Maryaa's sister Maram was born. This is a very important event because now Maryaa has a little sister !! She is not the youngest anymore.
  • Maryaa's 4th Birthday

    Maryaa's 4th Birthday
    Maryaa's Big Birthday cake with a house full of people!! This was Maryaa's 4th birthday, and she got to get a big picture of her on her birthday cake. Her head took over the cake !!
  • Maryaa wins the Science Fair

    Maryaa wins the Science Fair
    Maryaa won first place in the science fair in kindergarden. She had the best project on tornadoes.
  • Bush Garden Trip

    Bush Garden Trip
    This was one of our many trips with our cousins to Bush Grardens in Tampa, Florida. There you can see my mom, my siblings, and my cousins. I was scared because we were next to the Tiger den.
  • 1st Grade

    1st Grade
    This is Maryaa starting out her first grade year. You can well imagine how exited (terrified) she was clutching one of science books.
  • EID Celebration

    EID Celebration
    This is Maryaa and many of her friends during a religious holiday, Eid. This Eid celebration took place at the HYATT Regency Hotel.
  • Maryaa and her cousins

    Maryaa and her cousins
    Maryaa visits her cousins again during spring break. Maryaa is with her favorite cousin and her sister Maram at Chuck E Cheese.
  • Vacation at Trade Winds

    Vacation at Trade Winds
    This was one of our many vacations that we take every year at Trade Wind Island Grand Resort. There is a big river that runs throughout the hotel. You can rent paddle boats to go into the river.