Sean's Time line

  • When I Was Born

  • My Very First Birthday

    My Very First Birthday
  • My Second Birthday

  • My Third Birthday

  • The Best Year...FOUR

    It was a good birthday. It was the day we moved here from Rochester, NY. I thought the house was my present!
  • I Reached Five

    It was a great birthday. I had my party at my Gym. I got to do the zipline twice. It was awesome!
  • My Brother is born!

    My Brother is born!
    My brother was born! Grandma was there to see it.
  • Halloween at Disney World

    Halloween at Disney World
    It was one of the best Halloweens I ever had. I was dressed as a pirate. My dad was dressed as Dracula.
  • Turning Six

  • Trip to Istanbul

    Trip to Istanbul
    It was a different experience. In Turkey they use a lot of taxis. In the U.S they use more private cars than taxis.
  • Disney cruise

    Disney cruise
    It was my first cruise and it was awesome! It had a water slide. It was very cool. I rode on it so much!
  • I am Seven

    I am Seven
    On this birthday I went to Universal Studios Park with my best friend Nick. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel!
  • Christmas with the Family

    Christmas with the Family
    It was the best Christmas ever! I got a ping pong table from Santa. Santa put a note on it. That is how I knew it was from him.