Katie's timeline

  • Katie's arrival

    Katie's arrival
    This is the day I was born. I met Mommy and Daddy for the first time today.
  • My First Easter

    My First Easter
    When I was one, i had my first Easter. I got to Grandma's Church and go on an Easter Egg Hunt. I got to eat candy and pet a bunny rabbit.
  • My First Birthday

    We lived in Newport, RI. I had a cupcake for my first Birthday cake and smushed it all over my face trying to eat it.
  • Birthday number two

    Birthday number two
    We lived in Ocean Springs, Mississippi for my second birthday. Mommy and Daddy took me to a fancy restaurant and when Mommy gave me some bread, I ate the whole loaf by myself.
  • Gettin ready for Dad to leave

    Gettin ready for Dad to leave
    My dog Cassie and I took this picture for Daddy. We wanted him to have a special picture of us when he went away on his ship for deployment. This was the first time Daddy had gone away from us for so long.
  • Now I'm three!

    Now I'm three!
    We went to Grandma's house for my third birthday. Aunt Kelly made me a cake and we had a water gun fight.
  • And now I'm Four

    And now I'm Four
    We went to Ollie Koala's for my fourth birthday party. A week later we went Disney World with my foster brother Matthew and my Grandma and Aunt Kelly to celebrate.
  • I made it to Five

    I made it to Five
    I had so much fun last year, that we had my fifth birday party at Ollie Koala's again.
  • My first day at Chets Creek Elementary

    My first day at Chets Creek Elementary
    I was a little bit nervous on my first day of school. When I spent a little more time at school I found out that I could make a lot of new friends. I love Miss Sasso and she loved all of us too!
  • Yeah I'm Six

    Yeah I'm Six
    I had a big Princess Castle cake for my birthday party. All my friends wanted the Cindrella ring that came on it. They let me have it because it was my special day.
  • My first Dance Competition

    My first Dance Competition
    I was asked to be part of the dance compant at my dance studio. We worked really hard and took our "Barbie Girl" dance to competition in Daytona Beach. We won second place in our catagory.
  • Now I'm Seven

    Now I'm Seven
    We had my party at Sweet and Sassy. All my friends and I got to ride in a huge pink limo to get to the party. When we got there we picked out Princess costumes and had our hair and makeup done. We had a fashion show then a ball fight and then we had cake and opened presents.
  • My new puppy

    My new puppy
    We had to get new homes for our two cats because Mommy was allergic to them. Daddy was getting ready to go on his ship and leave for six months. We needed something to help keep us company while Daddy went away. He got me my new puppy Tillie. She makes me smile and laugh and reminds me how much my Daddy loves me.