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  • Period: to

    Asotin Technolgy Class

  • Internet Safety & Cyberbullying

    Internet Safety & Cyberbullying
  • Wordle

    Wordle is where you can make a pictuer kind of thing and make words.
  • Technology Glogs

    Technology Glogs
    We did glogs on different types of technology.
  • Brochures

    Brochures I went to publisher to do this.
  • Bitstrips

    This is where you make a comic strip.
  • Glogster

  • Asotin Glogs

    Asotin Glogs
    Here, we decided to make a glog about asotin. I did mine on asotin baseball and softball
  • Glogs with the little kids

    Glogs with the little kids
    We went to the class rooms and made glogs with the little kids.
  • Animoto

  • Web 2.0

    Web 2.0
  • Newspaper / make your own project

    Newspaper / make your own project I went to Publisher to make this. I went to google to find out what ideas there area.
  • Digital Kits

    Digital Kits
    Here is where we made our digital kits
  • Logos The Turtle

    Logos The Turtle
  • Cam Studio

    Cam Studio
    We made a screen capture kind of thing. It was really fun.
  • Face Of The Future

    Face Of The Future
    face of the future
  • Time Toast

    Time Toast
  • Be Funky

    Be Funky
    Here is Be Funky. This is where you can change your face to look like a painting. eg.
  • Blabberize

    Blabberize is where you can make your pictures talk to you using your voice.