Anne frank

The Diary of Anne Frank

  • Anne Frank is Born

    Anne Frank is Born
    She was born in Frankfurt am Maine, Germany. Her sister, Margot is only three years older than her.
  • Period: to

    Anne Frank

  • Anne Recieves the Diary

    Anne Recieves the Diary
    She got her diary on the day of her thirteenth birthday. She was so excited to have something to write in!
  • Went into Hiding

    Went into Hiding
    This was the day that Anne and her family went into hiding. Later on, the Van Daan's and Mr. Dussel join them.
  • The Van Daan's Move in

    The Van Daan's Move in
    Jews were getting called up left and right so the Van Daan's had to go into hiding a few day early.
  • Dussel Arrives

    Dussel Arrives
    Mr. Dussel was a Doctor and they thought that the "Secret Annex" had room for one more guest.
  • Turkey and the war

    Turkey and the war
    A cabinet minister talks about Turkey soon giving up their neutrality. Newpapers say, "Turkey is on England's Side!"
  • Air Battle

    Air Battle
    The members of the "Secret Annex" witnessed an air battle between German and British planes. The Allies had to jump from the machines where they were then captured by the German police.
  • Northern Amsterdam

    Northern Amsterdam
    Northern Amsterdam was heavily bombed. There were about 200 dead, countless injuries, and the hospitals were crammed full of peole.
  • Italy

    Italy capulates! They give their unconditional surrender.
  • Talking to Peter

    Talking to Peter
    Anne wants someone to talk to so bad that she settles for Peter. At first, it was a little awkward and the didn't say very much.
  • Falling in Love

    Falling in Love
    Anne starts falling in love with Peter! They keep each other company and start talking every night. She doesn't know why but she really likes him.
  • First Kiss

    First Kiss
    Peter kisses Anne for the first time. She feels a little strange about fifteen and seventeen year olds kissing but, she doesn't care.
  • Thw Queen Speaks

    Thw Queen Speaks
    The Queen speaks of taking a holiday in order to be strong for her return to Holland.
  • Captured

    The Gestapo found them out. Little did they know that they overlooked such an important diary.
  • Anne Frank Dies

    Anne Frank Dies
    She died in a concentration camp of Typhus. If she could've stayed alive for just two months longer then she would've known what it was like to be free once again.