सच्चा न्यायकर्ता (daniel) Indian/ gahndi timeline!

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  • Independence

    This was the year of the first war of independence in India
  • Period: to


  • 1858

  • Birth of gandhi

    Gandhi is born
  • Gandhi's father

    The death of gandhi's father
  • Sexual activity

    Gandhi ended his sexual activity with a span of 5 years the year where 1901-1906
  • Lawyer in England

    Gandhi goes to England where he becomes a great and respected lawyer.
  • MAssacre/fasting

    This is they year where Gandhi starts fasting and does not eat for a month, and also the Amristar Massacre happened.
  • British Government

    The indians stopped cooperating with the british people and government.
  • Home protestement

    Protesting about the high cost of renting a home (apartments)
  • Independence year

    Gandhi produces the Independence of India called The decleration of independence of India (Just like the american one)
  • Gandhi returns to India

    Gandhi return to India after he was in South Africa and England
  • Salt march

    Gandhi has salt march until he gets to the ocean and then he is arrested because he had the idea that Indias salt WAS Indias salt and not the british salt and his followers started selling them in the streets and many people were arrested. also Gandhi and some other leaders got arrested to.
  • Gandhi to prison

    Gandhi is arrested and they do not let him have a trail he was just sent to prison.
  • Government in india?

    They have an action to put government in India and it overthrows the english government.
  • 2 new countries are born

    In this year 2 new countries are born India and Pakistan, this year is also the year of India is done with their independence.
  • Gandhi's death

    This year there is the tragic event of gandhi's dead by the hand of an Hindu Communist