Zempel Supranationalism Organizations and Devolution

By HZempel
  • United Kingdom/Scotland, Devolution

    United Kingdom/Scotland, Devolution
    The union with England act in 1703 merged Scotland and the U.K. And granted Scotland autonomy. Its purpose was political.
  • Great Britain/U.S.A., Devolution

    Great Britain/U.S.A., Devolution
    The U.S.A. was formed because it was cheper and easier to stop fighting and use the U.S.A. as a trading partner. Its purpose was economical.
  • Great Britain/Ireland, Devolution

    Great Britain/Ireland, Devolution
    After an unsuccessful uprising in the early 17th century, Ireland had to stay part of Great Britain, until 1922 when a treay was signed and Ireland became a free state. The purpose was political.
  • Canada/Quebec, Devolution

    Canada/Quebec, Devolution
    Quebec Was formed as a result of tension between England and France. There were many Cultural Features Of French Influence. Religion was very important to the country of Canada. Over 85% of Quebecs population were Catholic, and Much of Britain was Protestant. And almost all of Quebec speaks French.
  • League of Nations, Supranationalism

    League of Nations, Supranationalism
    The League of Nations formed after World War 1. Its purpose was to prevent World war 2 and was political and military, Some of its members include France, Great Britain, and Belgium.
  • Axis Powers, Supranationalism

    Axis Powers, Supranationalism
    The Axis Powers joined together with the goal to take over the world. These countries included Germany, Japan, and Italy. The purpose of this organization was political and military.
  • Allied Powers, Supranationalism

    Allied Powers, Supranationalism
    The Allied Powers consist of the U.S., France, Great Britain, and other countries. Their purpose was to fight against the Axis powers in WWII. the cause was political and military.
  • OPEC, Supranationalism

    OPEC, Supranationalism
    The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries was developed to maintain the price and supply of oil in the middle east and the rest of the world. Its cause is economic.
  • PLO, Supranationalism

    PLO, Supranationalism
    PLO was created during a meeting known as the Palestinian Congress in an effort to give a voice to the large number of Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon.
  • Yugoslavia, Devolution

    Yugoslavia, Devolution
    Yugoslavia became Boznia and Hertz, Croatio, Macedonia, Montenegro, and serbia in 1992, all except for Montenegro and Serbia which gained autonomy in 2006.