Years 1700-1800 in the United States

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In History
  • New Orleans is Established

    Robert LaSalle founds the colony of New Orleans, which is part of the Louisiana Territory.
  • The City of Baltimore is Founded

    The city was named after the founding proprietor of the colony of Maryland, Cecil Calvert.
  • Georgia is founded and becomes the 13th colony of the United States

    Georgia is found by James Oglethorpe, which would become a huge part of the Deep South in the 19th Century.
  • The First Great Awakening

    George Whitefield leads the first religious revival within the colonies which starts in the late 1730s and goes into the 1740s.
  • French and Indian War

    The French and Indian war would begin and also become one of the main reasons why the American Revolution began.
  • Stamp Act and the Sons of Liberty is formed by Samuel Adams

    The Stamp Act of 1765 would be pass, requiring to pay a fee on newspapers and legal commercial documents. Later, Samuel Adams and John Hancock form the Sons of Liberty.
  • Boston Tea Party

    The Sons of Liberty would act in rebellion to the previous taxes placed on the colonies and dump tea into the sea of the Boston Harbor.
  • The Beginning of the American Revolutionary War

    The Battle at Lexington and Concord would jump start the Revolution. This being a big event for the entire nation, letting England know that the colonies wouldn't be oppressed anymore.
  • Washington is appointed General of the Continental Army

  • Declaration of Independence is adopted

    This would declare the colonies independent from Britain and would be signed August 2nd of the same year.
  • Battle of Yorktown Begins

    This would be the last battle of the war. Granting independence from Britain afterwards.
  • Treaty of Paris 1783

    This would end the American Revolution officially. Granting the United States of America independence from Britain.
  • The Constitution is ratified

    The Constitution is ratified, establishing how the nation's government would work.
  • George Washington becomes the first President of the United States of America

    George Washington would become the first President of the country, setting standards on how a President should act while in office.
  • Bill of Rights is proposed

    James Madison proposes the Bill or Rights, a set of rights which are given to protect the citizens from the Government.
  • Cotton Gin is invented

    Eli Whitney invents the Cotton Gin
  • John Adams is inaugurated as President

    John Adams is inaugurated, becoming the second President of the United States of America