Year One 2002-2003

  • Creation of "Mighty Titans" Fight song

    Barry Tucker, our first band director, wrote the "Mighty Titans" fight song and it made its debut at HVJH's Winter Band Concert.
  • Creation of Library Pyramid School Logo

    Sandi D'Alessandro, our first art teacher, created the library pyramid school logo.
  • Opening Day!

    Amanda Lenhardt was chosen as the first student to enter HVHS. She arrived in a limo and cut the opening day ribbon. The cheerleaders, dance team, 800 students, 100 staff members, a new crew AND the entire marching band then squeezed into the front hall to celebrate day one as Titans.
  • Period: to

    Year One: 2002-2003

  • Time Capsule buried at Dedication Ceremony

    At the dedication ceremony students buried a time capsule, which is to be opened during our 10th year.
  • First "Homecoming"

    Despite the lack of former students to "come home," Titans celebrated homecoming with a parade led by the Mighty Titan Marching Band, followed by class floats, cheerleaders, homecoming court, etc. There was no King or Queen.
  • Clocks were added to the building.

    The building opened with no classroom clocks and no classroom trashcans. The first SCA bought the classroom clocks. They were distributed in early December.
  • Sara Cann

    Staff and students celebrated Sara Cann Hat Day in December to honor Sara Cann, a beloved teacher who was fighting breast cancer. Mrs. Cann has been at HVHS all ten years.
  • First laptops distributed to 9th grade class

    Laptops were distributed to the 9th graders on February 5, 2003. Hidden Valley High School was the first high school in Western Virginia to issue laptops to students.
  • The Premiere

    The Premiere Prom was held at the Jefferson Center. Students danced to music from popular artists Fifty Cent, P-Diddy, and B2K. The names of the first students selected as Titan Twelve were revealed at the prom.
  • 2 Day Spring Break! April 21-22, 2003

    Due to missing 12 snow days, HVHS students only had two days for Spring Break the first year.
  • No Graduation