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Memorial Library

  • Remote dial-access

    Remote dial-access service to the online catalog became operational this year
  • Hosted Satellite TV conferences

    Media center staff coordinated and served as host of 14 satellite TV conferences; 9 teleconferences resulted in an opportunity for participants to telephone questions or responses to a national origination point; Agricultural department took part in a live TV cattle auction broadcast from Denver and Forth Worth. This occurred during the 1989-90 school year.
  • Staff - Linda Floyd

    Employment of Linda Floyd as Reference Librarian in September 1989
  • Overdue Policy

    Policy change regarding overdue materials was implemented this year. This policy establishes a five day grace period for returning overdue books and reduces the fine for such books. Overdue notices are sent the first day an item is due.
  • Collection - Library of American Civilization and Library of English Literature

    Beginning this year, cataloging information for individual items in the Library of American Civilization (LAC) and the Library of English Literature (LEL) microfiche collections are being added to the library’s database. Previously only accessible in print.
  • Staff - Jill Davis

    Resignation of Jill Davis as Technical Assistant for serials and documents, effective May 18, 1990
  • Staff - Cindy McGee

    Employment of Cindy McGee as Technical Assistant for serials and documents, effective July 1990
  • Staff - Dorothy Burgess

    Resignation of Dorothy Burgess, Technical Services Librarian as of October 1, 1990
  • Staff - Judy Thompson

    Employment of Judy Thompson as Reference Librarian in January 1991
  • Collection - Berry School Papers

    Berry Schools Papers continue to be processed. In progress: Gordon Keown (Martha Berry’s successor as Director 1942-43), and William Baird (President of Berry College 1944-46). Complete series descriptions: Elizabeth Brewster (English teacher & Acting Dean of Women 1915-18), Corrine Laney (Dean of Women 1935-37), and Alice Wingo (Dean of Women 1921-32).
  • Staff - Christine Nolan and Laquieda Joiner

    Christine Nolan, Library Secretary, retired after 29 years of distinguished service to Berry College. She was replaced by Laquieda Joiner.
  • Staff - Valerie Gilbert

    Employment of Valerie Gilbert as Technical Assistant in circulation and public services.
  • Staff - Janda Canalis

    In January 1996, a technical assistant, Janda Canalis, resigned her position in the department.
  • Universal Card

    The technical services staff worked closely with campus safety to make the universal card compatible with the library’s system by programming the library software to accept Berry’s student i.d. number as the patron number in the library database. Magnetic card readers were installed at the circulation terminals in the library and media center, on photocopiers, and microforms reader/printers.
  • Collection - Berry School Papers

    Berry Schools Papers continue to be processed. In process: Inez Henry (Secretary to the Director 1933-44 and Assistant to the President 19946-64)
    Completed: Gordon Keown (Martha Berry’s successor as Director 1942-43) and William J. Baird (President of Berry College 1944-46). Completed series descriptions: Sophie Payne Alston (Dean of Women 1937-51), Admissions, and Fred Hoehler (Executive Secretary 1922-24).
  • Collection - Updated Holdings Data

    The archivist completed a project this spring to make the holding data for cataloged books more accurate, due to inaccuracy when supplying some multi-volume or multi-copy sets with only one barcode for the set. Previously, all holdings data was based on a physical count
  • Green Lab

    The staff worked with the School of Business in helping them to set up the Green Lab and creating a special icon to access the library system directly from the lab through the Internet.
  • Inventory of Reference Collection

    The first inventory/barcoding of the reference collection was taken during 1996. This project has been on hold since the library first went on a computer system in 1988.
  • Event - GAMMA Project

    The Berry College Archives participated in the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access (GAMMA) Project, coordinated by Emory University and the Georgia Department of Archives and History. Descriptions of archives and manuscript collections throughout Georgia to be entered into two major national bibliographic databases, the Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN) and the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC).
  • Staff - Delana Hickman

    A new technical assistant for serials and documents, Delana Hickman, was hired in March 1996.
  • CircNet

    During the spring semester, Valerie Gilbert, public services technical assistant, developed CircNet, an informal, but effective and fun weekly newsletter for communicating important information and updates regarding the operation of the circulation desk to the many student workers who staff it.
  • Brittle Books Policy

    After discussion with the Circulation/ILL librarian and the Director of the Library, the archivist has instituted a policy which provides that brittle books may circulate locally but will not be loaned through the ILL program. Photocopying of brittle books is no longer permitted
  • Event - Geac ADVANCE Users' Group Annual Meeting

    Memorial Library and Berry College hosted the 1997 Geac ADVANCE Users’ Group Annual Meeting, March 10-15. Librarians, system coordinators, and Geac personnel from the United States, Canada and Oxford University in England were in attendance.
  • Roof Replaced

    The roof on the 1988 library addition was replaced in April 1997
  • Movement to CMDS system

    Berry signed a contract on June 3 to migrate to a client-server-based CMDS system
  • Staff - Teresa Wiley and Sandra Beale

    Employment of Teresa Wiley as the new technical assistant for serials and documents in August 1997 following the resignation of Sandra Beale.
  • Martha Berry Papers Register encoded in SGML

    In October of 1997, the Martha Berry Papers Register was chosen to be included among finding aids in Georgia to be encoded in SGML, standardized graphical markup language, for the World Wide Web.
  • Library Front Entrance

    The library’s front entrance was expanded and renovated in May 1998, including installation of automatic doors, to improve service to handicapped patrons. The entrance is now ADA (Americans with a Disability Act) compliant.
  • Access to Berry's Website

    The library was given access to the institutional home-page server in May 1998.
  • Staff - Ellen Sisler

    Employment of Ellen Sisler as System and User Support Coordinator during 1999-2000 school year.
  • Endeavor System

    The migration to the Endeavor system was completed during the 1999-2000 school year.
  • Martha Berry Genealogy in PAF software

    The Archives Assistant learned how to use the PAF (Personal Ancestral File) software, and began entering genealogy information for Martha Berry’s family.
  • Carl UnCover's Reveal

    Arranged a site license for Carl UnCover’s Reveal, a table of contents service that enables faculty to select up to 50 journal title table of contents for automatic delivery to their e-mail addresses.
  • Checking Government Documents Online

    Checking in records for government documents is now created online during the 1999-2000 school year.
  • Staff - Graduate Students Heather Veilleux and Scott Wade

    Two graduate assistants, Heather Veilleux and Scott Wade, assisted with late evening and weekend student supervision for the first time in a number of years.
  • Changes to Memorial Library Website

    Requests for books and interlibrary loans were made available online during the 1999-2000 school year. The periodical directory, electronic journals full text, and annual reviews full text are also accessible online.
  • Staff - Dawn Lamade

    Resignation of Dawn Lamade as Technical Services in July to take the directorship of Young Harris College library.
  • Staff - Amy Summerlin

    Employment of Amy Summerlin as Archives Technical Assistant in July 1999.
  • Staff - Rebecca Roberts

    Employment of Rebecca Roberts as Instructional Services Librarian, a new position, in August 1999.
  • Voyager 99.1

    In January, the library upgraded to Voyager 99.1.
  • Staff - Karen Kwiatkowski, Jenny Kleine, and Mary Jean Keep

    Following the departure of Karen Kwiatkowski, Jenny Kleine accepted the position of Acquisitions Assistant. In late summer of 2000, Mary Jean Keep filled the opening of Cataloging Assistant that resulted from J. Kleine's move
  • Scholarship Committee of the Society of Georgia Archivists

    The archivist continues to serve as chair of the Scholarship Committee of the Society of Georgia Archivists. The committee awarded two scholarships this 2000-2001 school year for continuing archival education and has been involved in planning a third scholarship to be offered for the first time early this summer.
  • Staff - James Bunnelle

    Employment of James Bunnelle as Technical Services Librarian in February.
  • Staff - Jeremy Worsham

    Employment of Jeremy Worsham as Technical Assistant for System/User Support.
  • COM 203

    Library staff team-taught with communications faculty members two joint-instruction sessions for all COM 203 students in the spring.
  • Staff - Rebecca Roberts and Ruth Ash

    Rebecca Roberts, previously the Instructional Services Librarian, filled the College Archivist opening following Ruth Ash’s departure during the summer of 2001.
  • Staff - Bill Gee and Sarah Egerer

    Employment of Bill Gee and Sarah Egerer for two temporary, part-time positions to supplement late evening and weekend coverage for the 2001-2002 school year.
  • Bursar Transfer Project

    The Bursar Transfer Project was completed during the summer of 2001. This enables the automated transfer of student fines and fees from the library’s automation system to the CMDS administrative system for billing there.
  • Marcive service

    The addition of the Marcive service provides the library with bibliographic access to all federal government information in all formats, which is essential to the operation of the depository program.
  • Clio

    January 2001 brought the long-awaited successful implementation of Clio, an interlibrary loan transaction management program which will facilitate record keeping for copyright purposes, offer better access to archived transaction information, and eliminate the need for a number of cumbersome paper files.
  • Graduate Assistantship Policy

    The college policy changed, eliminating graduate assistantships for the library, which left approximately 30-35 hours per week, or the equivalent of one support staff person, not covered.
  • Staff - Adamu Loya

    Employment of Adamu Loya as one of the other temporary positions that provide late night/weekend coverage for those shifts where professional librarians are not present.
  • Library Website

    The website changed to conform to the new college-wide guidelines. The online Periodicals Directory was restructured to update process and access speed. A scripted online suggestion form, a new "how-to" instructional guides with printable pdf versions on search strategies and scholarly vs popular journals, and revisions of the business subject guides were added to the website.
  • Serial Solutions/Journal Locator

    Implementation of the Serials Solutions product, known locally as Journal Locator, as a solution for the stated public services objective of implementing a tool for easier identification by end users of full-text journal online-access options.
  • BCC - Library Involvement

    The BCC approach to new student library orientation continued with another major modification. For the first time this year, the library assignment was tied to the common reading. Public services librarians read the book and worked with the director of the Freshman Center to tailor the practice questions to the content of Gerda Weissman Klein’s All But My Life.
  • Processing Inez Henry, E. H. Hoge, and Ouida Dickey Papers

    Archives workers completed processing the papers of the Inez Henry (Secretary to the Director 1933 – 1944. Assistant to the President 1946 –1964) held in the archives; E. H. Hoge (Comptroller 1910 – 1953) papers; and Ouida Dickey (Associate Dean of the College 1975 – 1993; Dean of Academic Services 1993 – 1999; Director, Center for Economic Education 1975 – 1999).
  • Transcribing Oral History for Centennial Project

    Archives workers transcribed 28 oral history videotapes and cassettes as part of the Berry Centennial Project during the 2002-2003 school year.
  • Room 203

    Work was completed on the equipment procurement and set up of Room 203 as a work area for students with visual and selected other physical impairments
  • Archives Webpage

    The Archives webpage was redesigned along with the redesign of the Berry website. It will be periodically updated to reflect exhibits and events in the archives. A database of early alumni (1904-1934) was also added to the archives page during the summer of 2003.
  • Staff - Josh Erickson

    Employment of Josh Erickson as Technical Assistant for User Support and Systems.
  • Staff - Cheryl Chesnut

    Employment of Cheryl Chesnut as Technical Assistant for Cataloging.
  • Staff - Jonathan Harwell

    Resignation of Jonathan Harwell, Interlibrary Loan/Reference Librarian at the end of August due to his spouse’s transfer
  • Wireless Connection

    The eagerly anticipated, facility-wide wireless environment became a reality in late summer, 2004, including excellent wireless access on the library’s portico, on the front lawn, and other outside areas adjacent to the library building
  • Print Index Disposition Project

    In preparation for the Memorial Library First Floor Re-Design, the Head of Public & Instructional Services coordinated the Print Index Disposition Project, generating checklists to ensure input from all librarians in the decision-making process for all print indexes and working with the cataloging assistant to assure that cataloging records were adjusted accordingly.
  • System Maintenance/"Housekeeping"

    Circulation/Reserves/E-Reserves area of public services included a major maintenance initiative for the library’s patron database during the summer and fall of 2004. This required a systematic sweep to delete records for patrons who had graduated or withdrawn, update contact information for current students and faculty, fines/fees resolution, and a number of other critical housekeeping activities that were required to make the patron database a more functional, accurate entity.
  • Library Website

    In late summer and throughout the fall semester, changes were made to the library website: regroup and reinforce the multiple ways users can access librarians, including instant messaging capabilities; an alternative set of navigation links that use jargon-free language (e.g., “find articles”, “find books”, etc.) to supplement the traditional set of navigation links on the left; direct search boxes for the online catalog; and relocation of “how-to” resources for easier access.
  • Staff - Josh Erickson

    Resignation of Josh Erickson’s position as Technical Assistant for User Support and Systems in May 2004
  • Wonderful Wednesdays

    For faculty, a “Wonderful Wednesdays” series was offered in June 2004, and included workshops covering a number of our newer electronic database offerings grouped by broad discipline. Attendance at these sessions was heartening.
  • Staff - Delana Hickman

    Resignment of Delana Hickman as Public Services Technical Assistant in August to accept her first professional position at the public library.
  • Staff - Jennifer Whitlock

    Employment of Jennifer Whitlock in September as the new Public Services Technical Assistant following Delana Hickman's departure.
  • Staff - Xiaojing Zu

    In late fall, 2004, the library was authorized to re-open the reference/interlibrary loan librarian’s position that had been vacant for three years due to college budget constraints. Xiaojing Zu, a recent graduate of the library and information sciences program at LSU, was hired and began work in January.
  • Breakfast Bytes

    The traditional Breakfast Bytes series was offered during the spring, 2005 semester and included sessions on Scholarly Google, Social Software, and Open Access Journals. The spring Just Desserts: Delectable Databases series included ARTstor, Journal Citation Reports, and Business Source Premier’s new searching interface.
  • Java City

    The proposal from Aramark to locate a coffee shop in the library as part of their proposed operation of dining services at Berry allowed for this opportunity to be quickly accepted, with the understanding that the renovated area under the chandeliers would also serve as seating for the coffee shop facility. The facility opened in time for the beginning of the spring, 2005 semester.
  • Writing Center satellite facility

    In 2005, the Writing Center established a satellite facility in Memorial Library, taking over a second floor seminar room during the evenings.
  • Memorial Library Signage Replacement Project

    The final piece of the 2004-2005 ‘library as place’ effort was the Memorial Library Signage Replacement Project, in which the Head of Public & Instructional Services worked with the director and other library staff members to identify appropriate placement and text for library-wide signage that would 1) bring the library into compliance with ADA requirements as well as 2) make navigation of the building easier for all library users.
  • ARTsor, Westlaw, and MathSciNet

    Acquired electronic resources collections ARTstor and Westlaw during early summer, 2004, and MathSciNet (via virtual consortium arrangement) in April 2005.
  • Staff - Casey Roberson and Emily Thompson

    Re-employment of Casey Roberson for the fall semester as one of our part-time evening supervisors upon completion of his MLIS from UNC Chapel Hill, and stayed on in that capacity until accepting his first professional position. Emily Thompson, a recent Berry graduate, was hired for the spring semester to replace Casey upon his resignation.
  • Monograph Collection

    Completed the first inventory of the Monograph collection in over a decade.
  • Bookplate for the Children's and Young Adult Collection

    A new bookplate for the Children's and Young Adult Collection was designed by Leah Stepp, one of the library's student workers, during the 2008-2009 school year.
  • End-of-range call numbers

    Verified and updated the labeling on all end-of-range call numbers throughout the building during the 2008-2009 school year.
  • Gale Literary Criticism

    Converted Gale Literary Criticism from print to online access during the 2008-2009 school year.
  • 1st Shipment to Better World Books

    Sent our first shipment of withdrawn and discarded books to Better World Books for sale and recycling during the 2008-2009 school year.
  • Staff - Vivienne Durbin and Tricia Steele

    Employment of Vivienne Durbin as Circulation/Reserves Assistant after Tricia Steele's resignment in June 2008 to pursue other interests.
  • Newsbank's Access World News

    Newsbank’s Access World News product was licensed in June 2008 to provide broader access to current and archived issues of major international newspapers across all continents.
  • LibGuides

    The implementation of LibGuides for the Berry campus at the beginning of the fall semester marked an important milestone for reference, instructional services, and web services.
  • Staff - Jeremy Worsham

    In October 2008, Jeremy Worsham left his position as Instructional and Digital Services Librarian to assume the Technical Services Librarian position.
  • Project Muse

    In January, we upgraded our Project Muse subscription to the ‘premium’ level in order to have the continued ability to offer access to key scholarly titles as they are added in Project Muse.
  • Movement from ExLibris Voyager to Linux

    In coordination with Campus Networking, Technical Services staff moved the ExLibris Voyager integrated library system to a Linux-based virtual server.
  • Graphic Novels

    The graphic novels were previously dispersed throughout fiction and nonfiction. However, to facilitate their use, the graphic novels were consolidated to a distinct collection with a location designation and identifying label. This occurred during the 2009-2010 school year.
  • Compact Moveable Shelving - Class of 1956

    During the fall semester, the Archives installed new compact moveable shelving purchased with funds raised by the college class of 1956. The shelving project was the result of 1956 class members working in the Archives during Alumni Work Week and recognizing the need for new shelving.
  • New Furniture and Carpet

    Received new furniture and carpet for our student workspace, which allowed us to improve workflow, communication, and morale during the 2009-2010 school year.
  • Metrologic Voyager 9535 Bluetooth scanners

    Purchased two wireless Metrologic Voyager 9535 Bluetooth hand-held scanners during the 2009-2010 school year.
  • Showcasing new items near Java City

    Created an area near Java City where we can highlight all of the new acquisitions, DVDs, and leased books during the 2009-2010 school year.
  • After-hour student worker access

    Opened up student worker access to after-hours scheduling during the 2009-2010 school year.
  • Complete Review of Marked Lost or Missing Items

    Technical Services staff performed a complete review of all items tagged in the catalog as lost or missing, some of which had been in limbo since 1999.
  • Policy Changes - overdue fines, patron notices and privacy

    Overdue fines were eliminated for most items and the basic loan period extended to four weeks with two renewals during the 2009-2010 school year. Patron notices were in the process of being migrated to e-mail. Patron privacy was enhanced by discontinuing the practice of including social security numbers as part of the patron registration process.
  • Missing and Lost Items Policy

    A Missing and Lost items policy was finalized during the 2009-2010 school year.
  • Staff - Sherre Harrington

    Employment of Sherre Harrington as the new Director for Memorial Library in March 2009.
  • Vgerspin - automate call number labels

    In January 2010, we began using the program Vgerspin to automate the creation of call number labels
  • Staff - Jessica Yates

    Employment of Jessica Yates as the Acquisitions Assistant position.
  • 1st Level 5 Position for Student Workers

    A Library Operations Student Manager position – the first Level 5 position at the library – was developed during the 2010-2011 school year.
  • Round One of Weeding - Student Workers

    Throughout the year we worked on a pilot project with a student worker, Ann Holzinger, to try to identify areas and processes that would allow students to make the first pass on weeding. Ms. Holzinger developed a protocol specific to the discipline, using publication date, circulation history, regional library holdings, and inclusion in recommendation lists to identify items that should be kept in the collection. This occurred during the 2010-2011 school year.
  • Curriculum Materials Center (CMC)

    The Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) was created in the Cook Building. Library staff and faculty from the Charter School of Education and Human Sciences collaborated on this joint project, planning through the summer and fall of 2009 and opening at the beginning of the spring 2010 semester. Over Christmas break, the entire children's literature collection from Memorial Library was moved to Cook 105 in order to be completed in time for opening on February 1, 2010.
  • Staff - Laquieda Joiner

    Memorial Library’s long-time secretary, Laquieda Joiner, retired at the end of March.
  • Public Printing

    The Library developed an agreement with National Copiers to provide public printing services beginning in July 2010, following the original discussion for implementing a print management system for public printing in the library and elsewhere in fall 2009.
  • Staff - Elizabeth Andrejasich

    Employed Elizabeth Andrejasich as Instructional Services Librarian in September 2010.
  • Revision of the Collection Development Policy

    In collaboration with the Libraries Committee and the faculty as a whole, we completed the first comprehensive revision of the Collection Development Policy undertaken since 1989. This occurred during the 2011-2012 school year.
  • Collection Services - Maureen Morgan and Jeremy Worsham

    Serials and Documents and Technical Services were combined to create Collection Services, with Maureen Morgan as Head of Continuing and Electronic Resources and Jeremy Worsham as Head of Technical Services.
  • Martha Berry Digital Archives

    Began scanning Martha Berry’s office correspondence as part of the Martha Berry Digital Archives project in conjunction with Berry alumna and project director, Stephanie Schiltz and Bloomsburg University. The materials scanned from Martha Berry’s collection were mainly from 1926-1930, totaling 18,910 images. This occurred during the 2011-2012 school year.
  • Featuring Martha Berry via Georgia Historical Society and Georgia Public Broadcasting

    Provided research assistance and scanned photographic images for a Georgia Historical Society and Georgia Public Broadcasting project, Today in Georgia History featuring Martha Berry. This occurred during the 2011-2012 school year.
  • Consolidated interlibrary loan operational area

    Consolidated interlibrary loan operational areas, previously divided into 2 distinct workspaces, into one office suite in order to enhance and improve services.
  • Magnetic Labeling with Newspapers

    Magnetic labeling was incorporated with newspapers to make additions and deletions more convenient with less residue caused by previous adhesive labeling.
  • Staff - W. C. Owen

    In 2011, retirement of longtime volunteer music librarian W.C. Owen.
  • Patron data

    Removed social security numbers from the existing patron database and moved to a system where patron data is uploaded directly from the Registrar, rather than requiring students to register separately in order to be able to check out library materials. This occurred during the 2011-2012 school year.
  • Re-configured Circulation Desk

    Re-configured Circulation Desk area to improve the aesthetics and make it a more welcoming, inviting, workable environment by removing unneeded shelves, exposing the beauty of the historic arched window, and creating a break area where student workers covering extended solo shifts can be near the service point, yet not within the public view.
  • Staff - Emily Gover and Steve Head

    Employment of Emily Gover as Web Services Librarian in August, 2011 and served until January 2012, when a family medical situation prompted her resignation. Steve Head, a local finalist from the earlier web services search, was hired as her replacement and continues to serve in that capacity.
  • Staff - Barbara Lowery

    Retirement of Barbara Lowery as Serials and Documents Assistant in October 2011
  • The Corner Store

    In collaboration with the campus bookstore, library staff planned and opened “The Corner Store” in January 2012, to provide users with the option to purchase on-site frequently-needed supplies such as thumb drives, index cards, headphones, and highlighters at any time the library is open.
  • LibCal scheduling software

    LibCal calendaring/scheduling software Implemented (mid-spring, 2012) to offer students an easy way to place a reservation for one of our selected group study spaces online from the library’s webpage .
  • Review of 2012 Periodical Subscriptions

    A comprehensive faculty review of periodical subscriptions was completed for 2012 subscriptions. This 14-month long project involved first-time creation of discipline-based subscription lists, referral of the lists to academic departments, and review of the faculty recommendations by the liaison librarian to the department.
  • Singular Service Desk

    The transition to a single service desk concept rather than separate reference and circulation desk service points was completed.
  • Writing Center and Library Classroom

    The Writing Center was relocated to the Memorial Library and renovations were made to the Library Classroom
  • Staff - Vivienne Durbin

    Following a medical leave, Vivienne Durbin resigned as Circulation/Reserves Coordinator during the fall semester.
  • Updated Website - photo and chat feature

    Working with E-Communications, the web services librarian was able to improve the aesthetics and feel of the page with the replacement of the static library building photo with a rotating images approach to the banner. Additionally, a new, prominent ‘chat’ feature was piloted and then implemented during the fall semester.
  • Summer 2012 Renovation Project

    The summer 2012 project of replacing the floors also included the opportunity of adding color by painting selected walls, replacing dated light fixtures in the main lobby, and redistributing existing furnishing based on space use surveys. A flat-screen monitor was also added adjacent to the Library Service Desk for use as a marketing and outreach tool.
  • Data Loss

    On January 20, 2012, the Head of Technical Services was notified of a catastrophic data loss. In the course of a server migration, technicians from the college’s Office of Information Technology had inadvertently deleted the our integrated library system software (Voyager); our library catalog, patron database, and circulation and acquisitions records; and the back-up files for all of these systems.
  • Laura Crumbley

    Employment of Laura Crumbley as Continuing Resources Coordinator (the position’s new title) in March 2012
  • Staff - Laura Crumbley

    Employment of Laura Crumbley as Continuing Resources Coordinator (formerly Serials and Documents Assistant) in March 2012.
  • Staff - Elizabeth Andrejasich

    Elizabeth Andrejasich resigned from her position as Instructional Services Librarian in November.
  • Staff - Judy Thompson

    Judy Thompson retired as Reference/Interlibrary Loan Librarian in December.
  • Staff - Michelle Horton

    Employment of Michelle Horton as Circulation/Reserves Coordinator in December 2012
  • Staff - Amanda Mays

    Employment of Amanda Mays as Reference/Interlibrary Loan Librarian in January 2013.
  • Staff - Somervell Linthicum Jr.

    Employment of Somervell Linthicum, Jr. as Instructional Services Librarian in January 2013.
  • Martha Berry Digital Archive released to public

    The Martha Berry Digital Archive was released to the public in April 2013.
  • Staff - Laura Crumbley

    Laura Crumbley resigned from her position as Continuing Resources Coordinator in December 2013.
  • Staff - Martha Reynolds

    In January 2014, Martha Reynolds retired from her position as Head of Public & Instructional Services. In May, she was awarded associate librarian emeritus status.
  • SpringShare

    The implementation of the Springshare suite of products, including their online reference platform, provided mobile- and tablet-friendly tools that allow us to develop a searchable knowledge base, embed answers and chat reference wherever they are needed, and to easily collect and analyze data about the use of reference services.
  • Relocation of the Technology Support Center

    The Technology Support Center was relocated to Memorial Library during the summer, making the Memorial Library a central location for campus-wide technology lending services.
  • Changes to Layout

    During the 2014-2015 school year, the coffee shop seating area was expanded, the Reference collection was compressed to add carrels among the stacks, and sightlines were opened to the first floor emergency exit
  • Sandbox

    The Sandbox project was completed during the 2014-2015. It was initiated by the Office of the Provost, jointly funded by the Provost and the Library, with planning and development of the space coordinated by a Library team, including Jeremy Worsham, Som Linthicum, Amanda Mays, and Jenny Kleine. In August, Jessica Hornbuckle joined Memorial Library as E-Communications Librarian, and she and Jeremy Worsham became the primary support librarians for the Sandbox.
  • User Services, Collection Services, and Technology

    In February 2014, following much discussion and deliberation, the Library’s organizational structure was revised to create three primary functional teams (User Services, Collection Services, and Technology) and a collaborative Management Group.
  • Music Library 2015 accreditation

    A multi-year project to prepare the Music Library for the spring 2015 accreditation review by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) was completed in March, culminating in a favorable evaluation by the external reviewers.
  • Staff - Jessica Hornbuckle and Dylan Moran

    In August 2014 two new members of the Memorial Library staff were appointed: Jessica Hornbuckle, E-Communications Librarian, and Dylan Moran, Evening Supervisor.
  • Review chemistry, foreign language, history, and business

    During the 2015-2016 school year, we completed or made significant progress with reviews with Chemistry, Foreign Languages, History, and the Campbell School of Business.
  • Berry EZConnect

    With IT implementing the new Berry EZConnect wireless network, we were able to work with them to develop a solution that provides all of our devices with secure access to the network when loaning technology.
  • Kaltura

    Kaltura, a streaming media platform to campus, was added during the 2015-2016 school year.
  • Staff - Cheryl Hawkins and Maureen Morgan

    Cheryl Hawkins resigned as Cataloging and Metadata Coordinator and Maureen Morgan retired as Collection Management Librarian during the 2015-2016 school year.
  • Digital Initiatives Librarian, Instruction Design, and Technology Librarian

    We significantly re-defined three existing positions to create a Digital Initiatives Librarian (Jessica Hornbuckle), an Instruction Design and Technology Librarian (Jeremy Worsham), and expanding the Evening Supervisor (Dylan Moran) to full time.
  • Movement to OCLC's WMS ILL

    Over the course of the next year, we will transition to OCLC’s WMS ILL platform from the current interlibrary loan platform, ILLiad.
  • All Technology Lending to Library Lab

    During the 2015-2016 school year, we consolidated all technology lending into a central area at the Library Lab service desk
  • Reorganizing and Updating Space

    The staff decided to reorganize the space, including changing titles on the Popular shelf and condensing the shelving overall in order to make room for more soft seating, which has seen increased usage throughout the year. 10 of our soft seating chairs were also re-upholstered during the 2015-2016 school year.
  • Survey on Student Learning Outcomes

    In spring 2016, Instructional Services Librarian Steve Head and Libraries Committee Chair Kristen Diliberto-Macaluso surveyed the faculty to learn more about their expectations and priorities for student learning outcomes related to information/critical literacy.
  • BCC 100

    In fall 2016, we began offering BCC100 classes new and redesigned instructional sessions that specifically target student learning outcomes from the spring 2016 faculty survey that faculty believe should be achieved during a student’s first year or in high school.
  • eresources@berry.edu

    The team supported the creation of eresources@berry.edu in order to ensure continuity of library access to usage statistics and subscriptions over time and between staff.
  • WePresent in Sandbox

    With assistance from the Provost’s Office, the library purchased and installed upgrades to the WePresent system in the Sandbox that streamlined collaboration.
  • Java City seating and Academic Success Center

    Made an additional chair purchase for Java City seating area and cleared space in our outside storage area for Java City that allowed the Academic Support Center to take over additional space in the basement.
  • Get It Now - journal articles

    In fall 2016, we began using Get it Now, a service provided by the Copyright Clearance Center, as a method of ordering on-demand journal articles.
  • Review communications, fine arts, history, psychology, and teacher education

    Reviews for five departments – Communications, Fine Arts, History, Psychology, and Teacher Education – were completed this 2016-2017 school year.
  • ERIC documents on Berry College and NW Georgia

    Student assistants created and cataloged paper copies of ERIC documents related to the history of Berry College and northwest Georgia during the 2016-2017 school year.
  • Review of Children's Award Approval Plan

    Due to space issues in the Curriculum Materials Collection (CMC) in the Cook Building and the ballooning cost of award-winning children's titles, Teacher Education liaison librarian Jeremy Worsham recommended a complete review of materials received automatically via our Children's Award Approval Plan.
  • New Training Protocol - "Respectful Workplace"

    Memorial Library began implementation of a new training protocol during the 2016-2017 academic year designed to bring broader awareness to best practices for a safe and “Respectful Workplace.”
  • Withdraw ERIC microfilm

    The Collections Team decided to withdraw the ERIC microfilm to make room for an expansion of the Java City coffee shop during the 2016-2017 school year.
  • 1st Satellite Course

    Memorial Library was asked to house the college’s first satellite course, where a professor would teach a group of students while located in another location. We worked with the Psychology Department, campus IT and the Marcus Autism Center in Atlanta, Georgia to research, implement, and support this course throughout spring semester of the 2015-2016 school year.
  • Staff - Jessica Yates

    Memorial Library’s staff, as well as the campus at large, was saddened by the tragic death of our dear friend and colleague Jessica Yates. As a memorial, the Student Government Association and staff members contributed funds to create a reading nook on the Library’s second floor.
  • Staff - Sarah Shippy Copeland

    Employment of Sarah Shippy Copeland as Collection Management Librarian in July 2016.
  • Governor's Honors Program

    User Experience Librarian Som Linthicum coordinated the Library’s participation in the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP), which moved to Berry College in summer 2017.
  • Processing Governor's Honors Program

    During the course of the Spring 2017 semester, Collection Services staff, led by Collection Maintenance Coordinator Cetoria Tomberlin, processed the GHP collection, relabeling and adding over 8,000 individual books, musical scores, and other items to the Library’s online catalog.
  • Library Classroom

    The Library Technology Team began work to redesign and redefine the Library Classroom as a more collaboratively-centered, technologically equipped classroom and study space during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Technology Lending Guiding Principles

    Library's Collections team approved the addition of the Technology Lending Guiding Principles to the library's collection development plan during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • meeScan, self-checkout app

    The decision was made on a self-checkout app called meeScan, through Bintec LIbary Services during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Student Life Collection

    During the 2017-2018 school year, the Student Life Collection was fully cataloged and readily accessible.
  • Automatic Purchase Plan for Award Winners in Poetry and Fiction

    Sherre Harrington, as liaison librarian to the Department of English, Rhetoric and Writing, worked with Director of Creative Writing, Sandra Meek, to develop an automatic purchase plan for award winners in poetry and fiction during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Review engineering collection

    There was a review of the engineering book collection, in collaboration with Department of Physics, Astronomy & Geology faculty Shawn Hilbert and Todd Timberlake, which resulted in the withdrawal of over 700 outdated books. This occurred during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Review human physiology

    The Evening Services Coordinator AJ Pesce began working on a collection review of books on human physiology during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Proposal - Archives Advisory Committee

    There was a proposal to create an Archives Advisory Committee during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Staff - Anthony J. Pesce

    Employment of Anthony J. Pesce Acquisitions Coordinator in April 2017.
  • Staff - Rebecca Roberts

    On June 30, 2017 the Memorial Library staff bid Reference Librarian Rebecca Roberts a fond farewell as she left the Library to begin her postulancy in the Episcopal Church.
  • Staff - Sarah Shippy Copeland

    Sarah Shippy Copeland, who joined the Memorial Library staff as Collection Management Librarian in July 2016, left in September 2017 to take another position.
  • Staff - Amanda Mays-Chester

    Resource Sharing Librarian Amanda Mays-Chester resigned her position at the end of December 2017.
  • Elsevier Pre-Paid transactions trial

    In January 2018, Memorial Library initiated a trial of Elsevier Pre-Paid Transactions.
  • Review American literature

    Sherre Harrington began a review of the American literature book collection during the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Staff - Meggie Lasher

    Employment of Meggie Lasher as Collection Management Librarian in January 2018.
  • Digitization of The Southern Highlander

    The Berry College Archives, in collaboration with the Digital Initiatives Librarian and The Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) arranged for digitization of The Southern Highlander; 1st phase of completion is set for May 2018.
  • Standardized Service Desk Respectful Workplace Video Training Protocol

    Access Services Coordinator Michelle Horton worked to standardize the Service Desk Respectful Workplace video training protocol in which students complete a self-paced online curriculum prior and then take a self-administered assessment test prior to their supervisor work evaluation in May 2018.
  • Staff - Somervell Linthicum Jr.

    User Experience Librarian Somervell Linthicum left in February 2018 to take another position.
  • Staff - Michelle Horton

    Access Services Coordinator Michelle Horton resigned her position in May 2018.
  • Staff - Morgan Stansell

    Morgan Stansell C’17 joined the Memorial Library staff as Access Services Coordinator in June 2018.