year 9 timeline

  • duntroon military collage found

    In the beginning, the college offered a four-year course, during which the first two years focused upon civil subjects and the last two years focused upon military subjects. Over the entire course, however, there was military specific training, including physical training, drill, signalling and weapon handling. Over the years, however, with the impact of the two World Wars, the duration and focus of the course changed as the requirements of the Army dictated
  • assassination of archduke franze ferdinand

    ferdinand and his wife were shot to death by a serbian nationalist in sarajevo, bosnia. this set off a chain of events that eventually led to world war 1.
  • Fourth of August Britain declares war with Germany

    About an hour later, when Franz Ferdinand was returning from a visit at the Sarajevo Hospital with those wounded in the assassination attempt, the convoy took a wrong turn into a street where, by coincidence, Princip stood.
  • battle of formelles

    the commanders other British armies, that the German defences from the might soon fall Somme north to the Acre river The course of the Battle of the Somme (1 July – 18 November 1916) had led the British GHQ on 5 July to inform.
  • paris peace conference begins

    the paris peace conference was convened at the versialles just outside of paris. almost 30 countries took part with the united kingdom, france, the united states and italy who were known as the big 4 dominating the conference. it was established to put fourth the terms of peace after world war 1