WWII Weapons

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  • Hand Gernades

  • Anti Tank

    Anti Tank
    Anti Tank
    Only some European countries had Anti Tank Rifles when the war started. They first started using the Anti Tank Rifles at the start of the war during the Invasion of Poland in 1939. The Anti Tank Rifle was mostly used by the Poland army. This weapon was very effective and useful for destroying the German Tanks. Only 400 meters away it could rupture a lightly armed vehicle. The Anti Tank could penetrate through 33mm of armor.
  • Sub-Machine Gun

    Sub-Machine Gun
    Sub Machine Gun
    The Sub Machine Gun weapon is an automatic carbine designed to shoot pistol cartridges. The sub machine gun was invented in World War I but was mainly used in World War II when it was better developed. Today it is replaced by the assault rifle for army use. They are replaced as stronger then sub machine guns but weaker then standard or battle rifles.
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    Dates of WWII

  • Semi automatic rifles

    Semi automatic rifles
    In 1965 the rifle was finally completed and made to perfection. The rifle remained in service into the 1970s and the guns were given overseas in WWII to the nations of Germany, Italy and Japan to aid in buliding their militaries. The U.S started to take interest sniper rifles in 1901 but it was furthered in 1911, they experimented with them in World War I in 1916-1918.
  • Flame Throwers

    Flame Throwers
    The Flamethrower weapon mechanical fire device which is specifically designed to project a long stream of Fire which you can control. These Flamethrowers were first used in WWI but were mainly used in World War II. Most armies that use Flamethrowers use liquid but some also use propane or natural gas, which some people say is safer. These flamethrowers are used for war or for farming purposes. M2 Flamethrowers were introduced in WWII.
  • Sniper Rifle

    Sniper Rifle
    In WWII there were a total of nine different types of sniper rifles used by eight different counrties. Unlike other nations it was Germany who had woman also using the snipers. Between 1941 and 1943 there were over 330,000 snipers produced for the war. The rifles were made long and heavy which tended to be a complaint in the field.
  • Hand Grenades

    Hand Grenades
    Each country involved in WWII produced and used hand gernades. Overall there were over 87,320,000 produced. There are six different types of hand grenades which are, fragmentation, illluminating, chemical, offensive, practice and training, and nonlethal. In the early years of the war the fuze for the grenades would sometimes detonate before it was set to. The problem didn't last though, and the gernades were soon perfected.
  • Pistols

    The Fp- 45 was cheap to produce and a easy to use pistol meant for mass production. The idea behind creating this gun was so they could drop many of these guns into hostile grounds in quantity. The FP-45 was not a frontline assault weapon but it was used by the clandestine units. It was then utilized by them as an assasination tool.
  • Assault Rifles

    Assault Rifles
    Assualt Rifles were developed and used by the german army in the 2nd half of the world war 2. The assualt rifle is a balanced of the rifle and sub machine gun. They have sufficient range and accuracy to be used as a rifle, combined with the rapid rate automatic firepower of the sub machine guns. Assualt rifles such as the american M-16 and the AK-47 are basic weapons a soldier would of carried.
  • Artillery

    They fought with artillery in Europe with French or Britain weapons. There were many reasons for them to do this one reason was because the American gun designs weren't up to European standards. Later on in the war they recommended that the piece be increased in caliber from 75mm to 105mm to gain a bigger impact from the weapon and increase the number of deaths resulting from the weapons.. Improvemtns on fire control came later on as well due to better communications and methods.
  • Light Machine Gunes

    Light Machine Gunes
    The light machine guns were essentially created during the great war, but advanced more in WW2. These guns were very powerful with great accuracy if used correctly. The gun opperated in two ways- gas or recoil. Many of the guns even came with both options. The germans were much more advanced in this gun and would fire the bullets two times faster then any other nation.
  • Bolt Action Rifles

    Bolt Action Rifles
    Bolt Action Rifle
    The bolt action rifle was first introduced at the end of World War I. They created the rifle because they needed a gun that was sturdy and read heavy for a reliable read unmarkable. The British army created a rifle that was shorter than the original bolt action rifle it also had a flash hider and its weight was reduced down to 3.26 kg, it was the named, the Rifle number 5.