WWII Events in History

  • U.S. Draft Bill Enacted

    U.S. Draft Bill Enacted
    People were drafted to serve in the armed services.
  • Japan Quits the League of Nations

    Japan was crowding its limit size.
  • Cash and Carry Plan

    Cash and Carry Plan
    Replaced the Neutrality Acts of 1936.
  • Axis Powers Act is Signed

    Presidential power in international politics.
  • Bases for Destroyers Deal

    Before WWII the U.S. gives Britain 50 destroyer ships to build ports in the Caribbean.
  • Lend Lease Plan

    Allowed the U.S. to lend or lease war supplies to the defenders of the U.S.
  • Roosevelt is Re-Elected for the 3rd Time

    Everybody loved him so he was elected for a third term.
  • Atlantic Charter

    Defined the Allied goals for the post-world war.
  • FDR Dies

    The greatest tragedy in the U.S. at that time.
  • General Macarthur Evacuates the Phillipines

    Macarthur and his party left Corregidor at dusk and landed on Cagayan Point on Mindanao Island.
  • Battle of Midway

    Lasted for four days. They fought through sea and air.
  • Guadalcanal

    The first U.S. offensive war.
  • Pearl Harbor Day

    The day Japan surprise attacked Pearled Harbor.
  • Allies invade Sicily

    A major WWII campaign.
  • D-Day

    The greatest single Allied operation of WWII.
  • Falta Conference

    Final plans for the defeat of Germany.
  • VE-Day

    The U.S. takes victory in Europe.
  • Hiroshima

    The U.S. drops the first Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima in Japan.
  • Nagasaki

    The U.S. drops the second Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki in Japan.
  • V-J-Day

    The U.S. takes victory over Japan.