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Emperor Mutsuhito/Meiji

By Kazuex
  • Emperor Meiji was born

    Emperor Meiji was born
    On November 3,1852 a new prince was born. His name was Meiji Tenno also known as Mutsuhito. He was born in Kyoto, Japan. He was the second son of Emperor Komei. This event was significant was because Meiji would soon become an emperor of Japan in 1867 when he turns 15. He would change Japan for the better good.
  • Movement for women's suffrage in Britain

    Movement for women's suffrage in Britain
    A movemnt for womens suffare in britain started as early as 1855 and led through 1907. In 1907 the Qualification of Women's Act was created. This allowed them to be elected for the positions of Mayor. Also this allowed them to be on county councils. This movement was important because it allowed women to have more rights.
  • Meiji Restoration

    Meiji Restoration
    The Meiji Restoration was a political revolution that ended the Tokugawa shogunate which was a military government. It started in the year of 1868. The Meiji Restoration was important because it brought modernization and westernization to Japan. It also brought direct imperial rule under Mutsuhito (Meiji). The Meiji Restoration ended in 1912.
  • Charter Oath

    Charter Oath
    The Charter Oath was a statement of principle made on April 6, 1868. It was made by Meiji after the overthrow of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The Charter Oath had 5 articles to follow. The Charter Oath was important because it opened the way to modernizing Japan.
  • From Edo to Tokyo

    From Edo to Tokyo
    On September 19, 1868, Edo under the Tokugawa Shogunate got changed. The change was that Edo went from Edo to Tokyo. This was important because it marked the new era under Meiji's reign.
  • Emperor Meiji gets married

    Emperor Meiji gets married
    Emperor Meiji gets married to Empress Shoken. Also known as Masako Ichijō in her early years. Both Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken both did lots of charity work. This event was important because they were an arranged marrige.
  • African Americans granted the right to vote

    African Americans granted the right to vote
    The 15th Amendment to the Constitution gave rights to African Americans to vote. Although it was only giving men the right to vote and not the women. This was important because later on it would lead to allowing both women and men of all races to vote.
  • Edo Castle gets destroyed

    Edo Castle gets destroyed
    The edo castle got partly destroyed many times. The first was in 1657 and then the keep was destroyed. And it was never rebuilt. In 1873 most of the castle got burned down. This was important because the history of the castle is important to Edo
  • Imperial Diet

    Imperial Diet
    The Imperial Diet started in 1889. The Imperial Diet is a constitution in which there are 2 houses of coequal power. The Imperial Diet was important because without the approval of the Diet then bills could not turn into laws.
  • Sino-Japanese War

    Sino-Japanese War
    The Sino-Japanese War was the first change of the traditional East Asian balance of power. It started as a contest of who controls Korea. The war started in 1894 as soon as Britain recognized Japan's westernization (Meiji Restoration). The war ended in 1895 and Japan had won the war. The Sino-Japanese War was important because it showed Japan was a major world power and it showed the weakness of China.
  • Botanists rediscover Mendels laws of genetics

    Botanists rediscover Mendels laws of genetics
    Hugo de Vries, Carl Correns, and Erich Von Tschermak all worked hard to rediscover Mendals laws of genetics.Each person confirmed Mendel's laws with their own work.This was important because they helped spread the work of Mendals laws of genetics.
  • Panama Canal Construction Begins

    Panama Canal Construction Begins
    The construction of the Panama Canal started in 1904 and finished in 1914. The Construction took 10 years to complete due to hard conditions that they were working in. The Panama Canal was important because later on the Panama Canal would become a major area for ships to get from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean faster.
  • Russo Japanese War

    Russo Japanese War
    The Russo-Japanese War started on February 8, 1904. This day the Japanese Navel Fleet attacked the Russian Naval Squadron at Port Arthur. On September 5, 1905 Russian forces left Manchuria in China. Theodore Roosevelt was a mediator to make sure that they agreed to leave peacefully. This was significant because this was the first Asian power in modern times to defeat an European power.
  • Albert Einstein Special Theory of Relatively

    Albert Einstein Special Theory of Relatively
    In 1905 Albert Einstein made the Special Theory of Relatively. This theory was that observers cannot detect uniform motion except relative to other objects. This discovery was important because it explains what motion we can and can't see.
  • Albert Einstein Quantum Theory of light

    Albert Einstein Quantum Theory of light
    Albert Einstein started his research of quantum theory of light in 1905 and he ended it in 1923. The quantum theory of light was that light behaves as if it is made up of photons. This theory was important because it later led to his special theory of relatively.
  • Emperor Meiji dies

    Emperor Meiji dies
    Emperor Meiji dies on July 30, 1912. Emperor Meiji died of complications with his diabetes. Also, he died of uremia. This event was important because Emperor Meiji made Japan better in many ways. Like like the modernization adn westernization of Japan known as the Meiji Restoration.