The Takeoff of War

  • Japan (pre - 1853)

    Before Perry came to take over Japan, Japan was primarly an isolated country for 200 years. This accomplishment of Japan being seperate from all the other countries was an act that kept the pure. Until basic needs could no longer be for-filled and they needed to invest into country to country actions such as trade.
  • M. Perrys Take Over

    Matthew Perry saild into Edo Tokyo, with 4 warships. His original plan was to create a form of trust with Japan to use there bay ass docking ports for his ships during their trips. Matthew was prepared with an attack for Japan if they did not comply
  • Meiji Restoration (1868 -1912)

    The main issue of this period was the industriolization of Japan. This led japan to miliarty growth and advancement.
  • The Meiji Restoration ( China and Rusissa defeats)

    Japan was the underdogs who were put into the ring. forced to industrailize and advance into the field in which all the other countries were in. the hope for Russia and China to concour japan and take over. But Japan defeated both countries
  • The Cause of WW1

    The assaination of Archudke Fernandad and his wife by Serbain nationalist Princip.
  • Neutral Please?

    Countries felt that U.S had began to play both sides. Though we had began to show strenght in our alliance with Europe. We were remaining neutral in the war. But that soon backfired when we were not recieving trades and were recieving threats.
  • 1,2,3,4 I DECLARE WAR

    Due to the lose of leadership , commosion and lack of gudicane. Austria decided taht they'd seek revenge by declaring war on Serbia.
  • Germany Declares war

    A chain reaction began. Alliances came into play and countries felt in extreme danger of their trades and positiona in which they stood with other countries. Germany decided to declare war with Russia.
  • U-BOAT

    The British ocean liner Lusitania is sunk by German U-boat, U-20
  • Hidden Messages

    Germany sent out a Zimmerman Telegraph to contact Mexico and discuss their feeling of abandonment by the U.S. Due to the open freeways British intercepeted the message, decoded it and made U.S aware of Germanys secret plan of action.
  • Play Time Is Over

    shortly after the decoding and investagation of Germany's intentions. The United States declared war.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    The Treaty of Versailles was signed. Putting an end to world war 1. Doing so 414 out of the 440 clauses punished Germany.
  • Adolf's first apperance

    Adolf makes an appaerance at 'German Day'. With hopes of sturring up the talk of Germany
  • B.H.D

    As an act of Hitlers name being sturried around town a bit he went into Beer Hall, in hopes to take over the parliememts with one riffle and some threating words. However his plan seemed like it "back fired' to the public but it got him where he wanted to be.
  • Nazi Party

    Shortly after hitlers, "long- but short" term in prison. The Nazi held their 3rd party rally in Nurembry. Widespread was Hitlers words and promises this party gathered 100,000 nazis.
  • Wall Street Crash

    This day had an affect on countries all over. Even Germany econmic values were affected. Causing issues with trades and alliances.
  • Presiditonal Election

    By this time Hitlers affect on Germany was a great one. People loved him and people hated him but dared not to say it. Although he did no when the Election he still withheld great fear over Germans people.
  • 3 steps ahead for Hitler

    Shortly after Hitlers lose he was voted Chandler of Germany giving him all control of Germany's actions. One Year later, March 23rd he became Germany's dictator. Germans celebrated all over the country. they felt this was a new high for them
  • Jewish Boycott

    Bye! Bye! to all of the Jewish. As dictator and Germany's profound future Hitler jad a vision. A pure blood vision that was not possible with the jewish. Nazi's swept up all Jews in the country. Who would soon be living in concentation camps