Woman suffrage


  • Anti-Slavery convention

    Anti-Slavery convention
    This convention disqualified the participation of two women named Lucreteria and Elizabeth. This convention also lead them to decide to hold a women's rights convention.
  • Cival War

    Cival War
    The cival war, which lasted for four years, was an event that made women more open-minded. Suffrage efforts nearly came to a complete stop as women put their enfranchisement aside and pitched in for the war effort.
  • The 14th Amendment

    The 14th Amendment
    The 14th amendment granted former slaves the right to vote for their country. This amendment states the word "male" legitimately excluding women's suffrage. Arguments lead to a division in the movement.
  • Woman Suffrage Association

    Woman Suffrage Association
    On may 15th 1869, Stanton and Anthony both form the National Woman Suffrage Association, which specifically allowed female membership and advocates for woman suffrage. Lucy Stone forms the American Woman Suffrage Association, supporting the 15th amendment.
  • Susan B. Anthony Arrested

    Susan B. Anthony Arrested
    Susan B. Anthony was arrested for illegal voting. Anthony refused to pay streetcar fare to the police station because she was "traveling under protest at the government's expense."
  • National American Woman Suffrage Association

    National American Woman Suffrage Association
    The National and American associations both merge to form the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Stanton becomes the new organization's first president.
  • Susan B. Anthony Retired

    Susan B. Anthony Retired
    Anthony retires as the president of the National American. Suprisingly, she recommended Carrie Chapman Catt as her successor; Catt is elected.
  • "Susan B. Anthony" amendment

    "Susan B. Anthony" amendment
    The Senate votes on the "Susan B. Anthony" amendment, but it does not pass. This proves that women are more capable than before.
  • Vote to Enfranchise Women

    Vote to Enfranchise Women
    For a third time, the House votes to enfranchise women. The Senate finally passes the Nineteenth Amendment, and suffragists begin their ratification campaign.
  • Ratify The 19th Amendment

    Ratify The 19th Amendment
    Despite the political subversion of anti-suffragists, three quarters of state legislatures ratify the Nineteenth Amendment on 26 August. American women win full voting rights.