Wounded Knee Massacre Timeline

Timeline created by drmarshab
  • Indian Removal Act

    Allows U.S. to take Indian lands and relocate Indians west of the Mississippi
  • Fort Laramie Treaty

    Marked boundaries of Lakota Nation which included the Black Hills
  • Battle of Little Bighorn

    Battle of Little Bighorn
    7th Calvary defeated by Sioux Indians
  • Black Hills Act

    Black Hills Act
    U.S. took back the Black Hills
  • Wovoka creates Ghost Dance

    Wovoka creates Ghost Dance
    After a vision during a solar eclipse, Wovoka created the Ghost Dance religion. He believed if Indians danced long enough and followed Indian rituals, white men would leave and buffalo would return
  • Rations cut to Sioux

    U.S. created famine and death for the Sioux by cutting rations to reservations
  • Ghost Dance gatherings

    Ghost Dance gatherings
    Large crowds of Indians gathered which scared white people living near reservations. They believed there would be an Indian uprising.
  • Troops at Pine Ridge

    Pine Ridge Agency requests 600-700 soldiers at the reservation
  • Sioux on Warpath

    Report claims Sioux are on the warpath
  • Sitting Bull killed

    Sitting Bull killed
    Chief Sitting Bull killed during an arrest attempt
  • Wounded Knee Massacre

    Many Indians killed by U.S. soldiers
  • Mass Grave

    Mass Grave
    Without a ceremony, the dead Indians were buried in a mass grave