• Henri Barbusse

    (20)Henri Barbusse's Le Feu, had won the Prix Goncourt award. In the following year the Armistice had sold 20,000 copies that were in French.
  • Paul Nash

    (16) The artwork of Paul Nash, The Menin Road, shows a ruined Belgian landscape. In the painting its shows choas, irrevocable change and devastation.
  • Siegfried Sassoon

    (20)Siegfried Sassoon's piece "Counter-Attack" was a poem that gave an example of the soliders would see during the war
  • The Treaty of Versailles

    (16)The Treaty of Versailles was signed, and while being signed a French politician had stated that the treaty was not a peace but an armistice for 20 years
  • Britain's public war monuments

    (20) There was a solemn ceremony that was dedicated to two of Britain's most famous public war monuments.