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  • interview by Lloyd brown

    interview by Lloyd brown
    Lloyd brown joined the navy because other boys his age were doing he said “most of the young boys were enlisting and I went along with the crowd” and he joined because he liked the idea of traveling by ship to other countries and he likes ships more than plans.” army” his rank was seaman second class.
  • trench warfar

    trench warfar
    Trenches were long, deep ditches dug as protective defenses, most often associated with world war 1. trenches were common throughout the western front.
  • tannenberg begins

    tannenberg begins
    On August 26, 1914, the germans 8th army strikes with lethal force against Russia, Russia sent 2 armies into East Prussia so that Germany would expect it.
  • the sinking of Lusitania changed the world war 1

     the sinking of Lusitania changed the world war 1
    the german u boat torpedoed the Lusitania this boat was a luxury steamship that killed 1,128 people and 128 Americans now involving America into ww1
  • battle of somme

    battle of somme
    It took place July to November 1916 they were allied offence against the german on the front line. more than 1 million people were killed or wounded on the first day of war on the morning of July 1, 11 defences tried to destroy the offences defence
  • russion revaluation

    russion revaluation
    It took place on January 22, 1905 workers marched to the tsar palace to present a petition for better working conditions. they were fired upon by soldiers and many were killed/injured the day is now remembered as bloody Sunday. before bloody Sunday people thought the tasr were the good guys a lot of people blamed their problems on the government and not the tasr but after the shooting, they realized the tasr were the bad guys.
  • explosion on the battle front

    explosion on the battle front
    Most of WW1 was fought in mud and trenches but miners would also dig underground tunnels and detonate mines behind the enemy’s trenches. In Messines ridge in Belgium, they detonated 900,000lbs of explosives at the same time, destroying the German front line.
  • treaty of Versailles

    treaty of Versailles
    The treaty needed Germany to accept full responsibility for causing the war, make reparations to some allied countries, surrender some of its territories to surrounding countries, surrender its African colonies, and limit the size of its military, it also established the League of Nations to prevent future wars.